Belleau Wood 8K

In a wooded area outside Paris known as Belleau Wood, a three-week battle with the Germans in June 1918 would prove to be a defining moment for the U.S. Marine Corps. It was here during WWI that the Marines earned the nickname "Teufel Hunden" or "Devil Dogs.” In a test of individual tenacity, the Belleau Wood 8K will send runners to the woods and onto the trails of Quantico or on a virtual run.

242 Days

Until Event Day June 25th

Live Forever

Hills, Trails, Woods

Live Event Info

Listen to your inner Devil Dog. Run the Belleau Wood 8K and conquer the hills and trails of the Marine Corps Base along this 4.97 mile course or run it virtually.

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Virtual Event Info

Unique features are available to help mark your virtual Belleau Wood 8K accomplishment.

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A Century in the Making


​MCMO Volunteer Spotlight – Scott Larimer

Scott Larimer joined the Marine Corps Marathon Organization’s (MCMO) volunteer group. It’s his way of not only giving back to the community that has been a part of his family for generations but also an opportunity to practice his skills as a HAM operator. A talented videographer, Larimer also supported the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) by filming the HAM training for all the HAM operators who were unable to attend the meeting.

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​MCMO Volunteer Spotlight: David Lane

​David Lane has been volunteering with the Marine Corps Marathon Organization (MCMO) for the last 20 years. As the Emergency Coordinator of the Prince William County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Lane has been a key part of organizing the local amateur radio or HAM support for MCMO events.

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