event safety

Safety and security are top priorities for Marine Corps Marathon organizers and the event’s law enforcement partners. Runners are allowed to carry, or wear, hydration backpacks (Camelbak), hydration vests and/or fuel belts while completing the Marathon, Historic Half or any Marine Corps Marathon Organiation events.

Runners will not be allowed to wear any other type of backpack or rucksack without the authorization of the MCM Director. Please contact the MCM office to appeal for consideration.

The wearing of any hood or other device worn to conceal the identity of the wearer is prohibited. A runner can currently elect to wear a face mask for health reasons.

Runners and spectators cannot bring glass containers to any event site. Flammable liquids are also prohibited from being carried into any event location. In addition, all drones will be prohibited at MCM events. The Washington Metropolitan area is designated a “no-drone zone” by the Federal Aviation Administration. Drones are also prohibited in all National Park Service locations, including the MCM course.

The MCM encourages runner behavior resulting in minimal impact on National Parks, public streets and other locations that comprise event courses.

event access

Runners and spectators are required to access the Marathon, Historic Half and MCM10K start and finish areas through screening points. Limiting the number of items brought to these events will greatly reduce the wait time at these entry points.

All runner and spectator bags, backpacks, purses, etc., will be subject to search by law enforcement at the screening points. Runners and spectators should never leave bags unattended anywhere near a course or the start and finish areas. Only clear plastic bags issued to participants will be allowed at baggage drop-off.

All participant bags will be issued during Packet Pick-up. The MCM-issued bib, provided during Packet Pick-up, serves as the most recognizable identification for participants of running events. Prior to arriving at the start area, runners must have the bib fastened to the front of their clothing.

expo and packet pick-up

Security measures will be in place at the Health & Fitness Expo. All participants are required to present their E-Card in either printed form, or on a phone, to obtain their official bib and event-day materials. Proxy pick-up remains available for designated events.

In order to have a designated individual pick up the packet for a registered participant, the runner must sign his or her E-Card and provide the individual attending the Expo a photocopy of their Photo ID (driver’s license, government ID, passport). The proxy will be required to sign the form and also show and provide a photocopy of their own Photo ID.

See Something, Say Something

Runners and spectators are asked by the MCM and its law enforcement partners to actively observe their surroundings while also supporting the procedures put in place to ensure the safety of all. If something suspicious is observed, individuals should report it immediately, either by calling 911 or by asking a police officer, or U.S. Marine for assistance. Event status updates, weather and news alerts will be disseminated on social media and the event website.