Everything you needed to know about the MCM


Inspired by a post-Vietnam era memo, "The People's Marathon" has hosted inspired and motivated individuals for over four decades.

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History and Heritage "The People's Marathon"


Shuttle through these frequently asked questions to find important MCM info.

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MCM Staff

Meet the few, the proud, the MCM staff

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Going Green

The gold certified MCM is recognized for social and environmental practices. Runners, spectators and volunteers contribute to these efforts.

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Famous Finishers

Supreme Court Justices, Vice Presidents, Oprah! The big stage of the MCM attracts big names.

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Four Star Diplomats

Four Star Diplomats promote a healthy and active lifestyle through fun, authentic and inspiring social media content

Four Star Diplomats

Hall of Fame

Each year, special individuals are recognized for the positive impact they have had in the on-going success of "The People's Marathon."

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