August 20, 2019

Family of Eight Offers Tips for Tri

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Rebekka and Nicholas Spanglerloch both served in the Marine Corps as drill instructors. Perhaps it’s that DI mindset that has motivated three of their children to participate in the Quantico Tri. The family of eight plans to meet at the finish line to celebrate their individual and group successes.

Such athletic accomplishments are nothing new for the athletic Spanglerloch household as the family participates in soccer, track, swim, basketball and gymnastics.

“We ran Run Amuck as a family. After the event, Nadiyah, 14, said she’d like to try a triathlon and why not do it all as a family,” shares mom, Rebekka. Justina, 17, and Matthew, 12, will join Nadiyah on their first triathlon.

The Marine couple were both stationed at Quantico and served as drill instructors at Officer Candidate School (OCS). During their time in service at OCS, they would take their four kids (at the time) running and biking on the trails.

This week, the family travels back to the trails of OCS to reminisce and compete in their first family triathlon.

One family’s tips for participating in a tri:

  • It’s about them. “My plan is to make sure the kids make it through the swim portion, so I’ll stay back with them. It’s about the experience and making sure we all cross the finish line.”
  • Opportunity for growth. “Completing the Tri for the kids is all about progression. I want them to look back and see it as a good memory where they grew mentally or physically.”
  • It’s an investment. “Prices of bibs for a large family can be daunting, but it’s great to find an event that we can all get together and enjoy.”
  • Find time together. “We try to go on walks together, and we enjoy hiking as a family through Prince William Forrest Park.”

The values of the Marine Corps are instilled in Rebekka and Nicolas, and, in turn, they have raised their family with a similar mindset. “The whole ‘training others’ has been ingrained in our mentality and this is the way we choose to raise our family. It starts when they’re young, to make sure they push past their comfort zone. They continue to grow to be the best versions of themselves.”

The Spanglerloch family continues to train together for the event this weekend. You and your family can join them at the start line of the Tri, 12K or Mile by registering now. The Quantico Mile is a new event open to runners of all ages.

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