Quantico Tri

Splash, cycle, and run in the Quantico Tri! Hosted aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, each leg of the sprint distance event offers a unique view of the "Crossroads of the Marine Corps."

6 Days

Until Event Day August 24th

Tri Harder Transition Time

The Quantico Tri features a start near Officer Candidates School with a 750 meter open water swim in the Potomac River. Athletes transition to a 20.4K (12.8 mile) cycle tour of the Marine Corps Base that was founded in 1917. The Quantico Tri concludes with a 5K run, the distance every Marine must complete annually as part of the Marine Corps physical fitness test. For those desiring only to run, the MCM offers the Quantico 12K and Mile to be hosted alongside the Quantico Tri. The 12K run is a perfect distance at the perfect time in MCM training.

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Dive in

Tri Details

Event Info

Hosted at Officer Candidates School, the Quantico Tri is an open water swim in the Potomac, with bike and run courses throughout Marine Corps Base Quantico.

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Tried and True Event Planning

Packet Pick-up

Participants must show the E-card at Packet Pick-up either printed out or displayed on phone.

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Minutes away from Marine Corps Base Quantico and the Quantico Tri course, the Holiday Inn Quantico Center is dedicated to help make runners' stay unforgettable.

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Finishers receive a stunning medal. Award ceremonies for top finishers and age award winners will be held on event morning near the finish line.

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Pennsylvania Couple Runs to Save World

“Be grateful for all you have. Work hard for all you want. Help as many people along the way as you can.” Couple distinguishes themselves as they #RunWithTheMarines.

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Three Events are Miles Apart from the MCM

"The one-mile distance events are a way to create moments of shared joy and accomplishment for families with their young runners," says MCM Director Rick Nealis. "They are also intended for individuals, who might otherwise be hesitant about running, to start down that path with a 'feel good' experience."

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