July 12, 2023

2024 MCMO Event Registration

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We know that travel plans and pricing can make a difference when it comes to choosing your next running event. MCMO wants to help you plan more efficiently and effectively by rolling out a new registration process.

Year Long and Tiered Registration

Now you can better plan your MCMO events by registering a year out! The year-long registration rolled out with the Marine Corps Historic Half and will continue with each event moving forward, including the Marine Corps Marathon Weekend.

Along with this longer registration window, interested runners can now take advantage of tiered pricing for all events except the Marine Corps 1775K. For the first eight weeks of registration, MCMO will be offering an “early bird” price followed a small increase.

Event registrations will remain open until sold out.

Military Registration

Also new in 2024, MCMO is proud to honor those who sacrifice for our country day in and day out with discounted Military Registration for all events. Active Duty and Reservists will now be able to register for a discounted price opening a day before general registration. This 20% discount is taken from the early bird price and is applied to the proper category. Military registration will not fluctuate and will be open until the event is sold out.

Please note that those Active Duty and Reservists who are already registered for the 2024 Marine Corps Historic Half will be refunded the difference between the early bird rate and the military discount.

Military discounts will not be applied to deferments, the MCM Four Star Package, the MCM Kids Run and the Turkey Trot Mile.

Semper Fidelis Challenge Bundle

The Semper Fidelis Challenge will be available as a bundle, which includes the Marine Corps 1775K, Marine Corps Historic Half and Marine Corps Marathon! This bundle will go on sale November 18, the date of the Turkey Trot 10K & Mile.

A limited number will be available on a first come, first served basis until March 23, 2024 or until any of the qualifying events sell out.

Distinguished Participant Bundle

Additionally, runners can now register for all five event weekends at one time with the 2024 Distinguished Participant bundle. Take on the Marine Corps 17.75K, Marine Corps Historic Half, Quantico 12K, one of the MCM Weekend events (MCM10K, MCM or MCM50K) and the Turkey Trot and earn a special medal!

The Distinguished Participant bundle will go on sale November 18, the date of the Turkey Trot 10K & Mile. A limited number will be available on a first come, first served basis until March 23, 2024 or until any of the qualifying events sell out.

Those who would like to participate in the Semper Fidelis Challenge as well as Distinguished Participant should register for the DP Bundle and ensure that they are registering for the Marine Corps 1775K, Marine Corps Historic Half and the Marine Corps Marathon. This will allow individuals to be eligible for both challenges.

Runners Club Logo

MCM Runners Club

MCM Runners Club members will still receive a designated link to register for the 49th MCM. This link will be emailed directly to them, opening on Friday, October 27. It will remain open until December 26. This will allow them to be guaranteed an entry into the MCM at the early bird price.

Individuals who complete their fifth MCM and/or MCM50K will be able to apply for the MCM Runners Club following a successful completion of the 2023 MCM Weekend. The Runners Club application process will open following the verification of results. The new members will receive the 49th MCM registration link in their membership confirmation email and will have until December 26 to guarantee entry.

Runners Club members that are interested in the Distinguished Participant or the Semper Fidelis Challenge will need to purchase a bundle or register for each event individually.

MCM and MCM50K Deferments

Those who deferred in 2023 must use this means for entry into the 2024 MCM Weekend. Deferment registration will also open on October 27.

MCM four star packages

The MCM Four Star packages will also go on sale starting on October 27 along with MCM Weekend General Public registration.

This incredible comprehensive bundle includes entries, hotel nights at the Gaylord National Resort, hospitality, transportation and more! Choose from packages based on length of stay, days of the week and one or two runners. All packages include a guaranteed MCM, MCM50K or MCM10K entry. Two runner package options offer a second entry for any of the MCM Weekend events.


See below for a breakdown of 2024 registration dates:

Event (2024 Event date)Early birdstandardmilitary
Marine Corps 17.75K (March 23, 2024)Opening January 1, 2024N/AOpens Dec 31
Marine Corps Historic Half (May 19, 2024)Open nowStarting July 17Opens now
Quantico 12K (August 24, 2024)Opening Aug 25Starting Oct 23Opens Aug 24
Marine Corps Marathon (October 27, 2024)Opening Oct 27Starting Dec 26Opens Oct 26
MCM50K (October 27, 2024)Opening Oct 27Starting Dec 26Opens Oct 26
MCM10K (October 27, 2024)Opening Oct 27Starting Dec 26Opens Oct 26
MCM DefermentsOpening Oct 27N/AN/A
MCM Runners ClubOpening Oct 27N/AN/A
MCM Four Star PackagesOpening Oct 27N/AN/A
Turkey Trot 10K (November 16, 2024)Opening Nov 17 Starting Jan 15Opens Nov 16
Turkey Trot Mile (November 16, 2024)Opening Nov 17N/AN/A
2024 Distinguished Participant BundleOpening Nov 18N/AOpens Nov 17
2024 Semper Fidelis Challenge BundleOpening Nov 18N/AOpens Nov 17
MCM Kids Run (October 26, 2024)Opening April 10N/AN/A

Register for the Marine Corps Marathon Weekend

Recognized for impeccable organization on an iconic course managed by the US Marines in Arlington, VA and the nation’s capital, the Marine Corps Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the US and the world. Known as ‘the best marathon for beginners,’ the MCM is the largest marathon in the world that doesn’t offer prize money, earning its nickname, “The People’s Marathon.” The weekend also offers the MCM10K and MCM50K.