The MCMO mission is to promote physical fitness, generate community goodwill and showcase the organizational skills of the United States Marine Corps. Successful completion of this mission requires the assistance of a dedicated team of volunteers. More than 1,800 volunteers will help make this mission a success during the MCM and other MCMO events. Interested in how you can help? Find out more below:

Lend a hand

Opportunities to work alongside U.S. Marines range from assembling runner packets and shirts to supporting a water point, food station, medical aid station, runner's hospitality or the start and finish areas on event day.

All volunteers take pride in supporting thousands of individuals striving to achieve a running goal. Volunteers receive a commemorative shirt and a certificate for each event supported.

Individuals and groups are encouraged to volunteer throughout the year. Support opportunities are announced at a minimum of six weeks prior to each event.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities