Finish Line

After crossing the finish line at the Marine Corps War Memorial, beaming with pride, runners often wonder what happens next? At times, the finish line can be crowded with as many as 100 finishers per minute so its best to know what to expect. Marathon finishers will receive the coveted Eagle, Globe and Anchor finisher medal from the men and women of the United States Marine Corps directly behind the finish line. Runners then may have a triumphant photo taken in front of the Marine Corps War Memorial by MarathonFoto. There is no greater image to reflect the commitment and dedication required to finish a marathon than a runner proudly wearing the MCM medal in front of the statue depicting the raising the United States flag on Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima.


The MCM finish hospitality boxes will include Dole fruit cup and other snacks ideal for replenishing after the run. Many of the items are gluten free. Runners will also receive bananas, bottled water from Wegmans and Gatorade.

Recovery Jackets

Each runner will be presented with a recovery jacket along with the hospitality items. The reusable, yet disposable jacket is made of fabric with cotton cuffs, a zippered front and hood. Water repellent, yet breathable, it is ideally suited for maintaining the core body temperature and protecting each runner from the elements. Best of all, it features the battle cry of all triumphant MCM finishers--"Mission Accomplished."

Finisher Medals

Runners are mission focused when it comes to participating in the Marine Corps Marathon. The collective goal is to charge the District, beat the bridge and take the Iwo. All finishers complete their journey on sacred ground at the foot of the Marine Corps War Memorial where an awaiting Marine Corps lieutenant presents each finisher with a medal for the accomplishment of running 26.2 miles including the uphill climb to the finish. In recent years, the award winning medal design has reflected the Marine Corps' Eagle, Globe and Anchor icon. The presentation of the medal is regarded by most participants as the highlight of the MCM experience.

Finish Festival

Runners, spectators and the local community are invited to the MCM Finish Festival, located in Rosslyn, VA. Here runners and families may reunite in the Family Link Up area, receive a recovery massage, pick up bags at the UPS trucks and enjoy live entertainment, food samples and sponsor-hosted activities. Visit the Finish Festival page for more information.

Runners and their support crew should plan to meet in Family Link Up, part of the Finish Festival in Rosslyn, along Wilson Blvd. The MCM recommends choosing the first letter of the runner's last name as the pre-planned location to reunite. The link-up areas are designated by 13-foot tall, yellow towers with letters of the alphabet prominently displayed

Mission Accomplished