Runners Can Speak at MCMTalks

Marathon Runner Presentations

Have you learned something on your marathon journey worth sharing? The MCM invites runners who passionately want to change lives, share insights and inspire new attitudes to speak during MCM Weekend. Introducing MCMTalks, in the spirit of a very popular global community intent on spreading ideas with short, powerful talks.

Runners are invited to explain the topic they’d like to speak about by posting a proposal on theMCM Facebook page under the MCMTalks message (on August 14). Runners may write a message, post a video or share a link. This is more than training plans and nutrition guidelines. The goal is to build a community of inspired souls by sharing a training run epiphany, a tale of overcoming the odds or a seasoned philosophy. The MCM will review all entries and select individuals to speak. Previous speaking experience isn’t required but be proud and share, if you have presented in front of an audience previously.

A portion of the MCM Runners Conference presented by the Columbia Business School will be dedicated to MCMTalks, with each talk lasting no more than 18 minutes. The MCM Runners Conference will be held at the MCM Health & Fitness Expo on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21.

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