May 24, 2018

Eat Well, Live Well, Run Well

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Your favorite grocery departments moved from the shelves to the streets as a group of Wegmans employees participated in the Marine Corps Historic Half. Runners from Wegmans bakery, seafood, deli and produce departments traded running down the aisles for pushing along the pavement of the Fredericksburg, VA-based 13.1 mile course.

With the local Fredericksburg Wegmans just steps away from the Historic Half, the Wegmans group of runners didn’t have far to go. The group ranged from a first time half marathoner to an Iron Miler.

Wegmans has been a proud sponsor of the Historic Half since its inception in 2008. Bernie Kingsley, Wegmans Service Manager, who coordinates the group of running employees, shares that the fast paced environment of their jobs prepares these individuals for the challenge of the half marathon. “We do a lot of walking which keeps us in shape year round.”

Jim Armond is not only a part of the Wegmans running group, but he’s a member of the Iron Mile Company, having completed all 11 Historic Half events. “I take a lot of pride in my consistency, I’ve been running for 42 years.” Armond has run the Marine Corps Marathon 26 times and finished the 2018 Historic Half in 2:11:57. His running resume is impressive. In addition to being a member of the MCM Runners Club, he has participated in over 300 running events.

Erik Condori, who finished in 2:02:37, is a first time half marathon runner from the produce department. “I ran this year for the experience I’ve heard so much about and to say ‘I did it.’” This was Condori’s sixth running event and he’s been training hard in order to meet his running goals. He was thankful that his team was there with him along the way to cheer him on.

Perishables Manager, Andy Kujawa, celebrates nineteen years as a Wegmans employee, and has ran five Historic Half events. “I love Wegmans’ family values, the culture and high standards – and it plays an important role in our partnership with the Marine Corps Marathon.”

Kujawa completed the 13.1-mile event in 2:44:27. “It’s an opportunity to pay respect to all those that give so much to our country.” Recalling the Marine Motivation Zone, Kujawa shared that it was “situated at a great point because it really motivates you through the last stretch and reminds you that there’s something bigger then the run you’re performing that day.”

Wegmans remains a welcome site for runners at both, the start and finish lines of the Historic Half. In the morning, runners and spectators pass the 140,000 square foot store on their way to the start. Later in the day, as runners approach the finish line, there’s Wegmans watching over the stars and stripes arches, standing ready to satisfy the runners’ culinary cravings earned from the 13.1 mile run. And for Jim, Eric and Andy, their participation represents another extension of the store’s involvement with the runners, the Marines and the Fredericksburg community.

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