August 28, 2020

Semper Fun Run – Training Plan

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Staying active is more important now than ever during this unprecedented time in a global pandemic. The Marine Corps Marathon Organization (MCMO) understands the importance of being healthy and physically fit—the core of the Organization’s mission statement.

With most gyms either closed or limited in capacity, many schools shifting to remote learning and large running events canceled, how are you and your family staying healthy and fit?

While we may not be together for live running events, the MCMO staff along with sponsors like Sodexo, is able to provide training tips and guidelines to help you achieve the goal of running a strong mile as part of the first ever virtual MCM Semper Fun Mile – open to all ages – to enjoy as a fun activity with family, friends, neighbors or anyone! It is about tapping into our personal community to help each other get through these difficult times, to encourage each other and to commit to staying active.

Parents, this is a great opportunity to get kids to participate in the sport of running while reinforcing your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. In lieu of a regularly scheduled Physical Education (P.E.) program at school, it’s up to the parents to maintain a fitness routine for your little ones – likely while you are teleworking.

Below is a three-week training plan that will have your family running your mile in no time! The best part is that you can incorporate this plan in your distance learning schedule throughout the school year.

Whether this is your first time running, training to meet a personal goal or just looking for ways to keep you and your family active over the next few months, this one-mile training plan will get you started and keep you motivated.

First things first! Prepare for your training by ensuring you have the following items:

1.A positive attitude

2.Running shoes or comfortable sneakers

3.Water! Water! Water!

What you will get out of this training:

1.The ability to run a mile consecutively

2.If running this with friends or family, a sense of togetherness

3.Fun! Fun! Fun!

Some additional keep in mind when training:

Warm Up! This is a very important step. You need to always stretch and/or walk before running. To gain endurance while training for the Semper Fun Mile, you should be gradually increasing your distance run in the weeks leading up to your event run.

Cooling Down is another key component to incorporate at the end of every session. This can simply be walking to lower your heart rate.

Active Play. In the training plan we incorporate active play. Active play is just that – actively playing or moving! Runners of all ages and levels can benefit from active play. This can include riding bikes with or without kids, walking the dog, throwing a ball, taking a swim, anything that gets you to move.

Fun Box. Here you’ll find some examples of activities you can use for your Monday trainings. You can choose 4-6 of the standalone exercises or do 30 minutes of any of the activities.

Let the training begin!

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*Please note that this training program is not a one-size-fits all. While this plan was built to benefit both adults and children, everyone should be afforded the opportunity to accommodate for her/his various abilities. And remember this is supposed to be a FUN run!

Registration for the Semper Fun Mile is still open, so get your friends, families, and neighbors to join in on the fun!

Written by Veronica Gutierrez
Veronica Gutierrez is a proud military spouse and an avid runner. She joined the MCM Organization as a marketing specialist in October 2019.

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