August 2, 2018

Honoring Runners with MCMMY Digital Awards

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Image for Honoring Runners with MCMMY Digital Awards

The MCMMYS are back and will recognize the excellence, passion and uniqueness of the runner community participating in the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon. This digital award program will enable runners to share their stories, motivations, challenges, successes and zaniness in eight distinct categories.

MCMMY award categories will be unveiled on the MCM Facebook page during August and September leading up to the MCM. Anyone can be nominated either by writing their own entry or sharing on behalf of someone else. To be nominated, just write a message, share a photo or add a link on the MCM Facebook page under the specific post for the award category.

Nominees are encouraged to share their post to invite conversation and encourage ‘likes.’ All MCM participants are invited to read entries and respond to as many stories, anecdotes and shared images as so motivated.

Category winners will be determined based on a combination of social media response and committee balloting.

Thanks for visiting this archived blog. The content and details are specific only for the event year highlighted in this article. For current information, please visit the event page within the MCM website.

Register for the Marine Corps Marathon Weekend

Recognized for impeccable organization on an iconic course managed by the US Marines in Arlington, VA and the nation’s capital, the Marine Corps Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the US and the world. Known as ‘the best marathon for beginners,’ the MCM is the largest marathon in the world that doesn’t offer prize money, earning its nickname, “The People’s Marathon.” The weekend also offers the MCM10K and MCM50K.