May 31, 2017

Fresh Dirt on Run Amuck

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You see, there are mud runs and then, there’s Run Amuck presented by Camelbak, the mud and obstacle challenge, hosted by the Marines on Quantico. The June 10 event has more special features, interesting elements and unique zaniness than ever before. So if you think you’ve done a mud run, think again, and register to Run Amuck.

For example:

Multiple Mud Pits-From a splashy sludge to a sloppy crawl to a messy climb, the various mud pits pose different challenges certain to leave each participant splattered and smudged.

Marine Motivator’s- Each of the Run Amuck waves (eight waves designated by color starting every 20 minutes beginning at 7:00 a.m.) will be joined on their untidy adventure by four Marines from the LSSS (Legal Services Support Section), who will motivate, agitate and collaborate with the participants ensuring peak performance from start to finish.

The Rainforest-New to the Run Amuck course in 2017 is the water feature amidst the forest canopy along the course. The sounds and marshy wetlands contribute to an environment that looks and feels like a rainforest.

Cammie Paint-Become one with the forest. Smear greens, browns and black paint to get your game face on before attacking the course with grit and determination.

Tattoos-A badge of honor? Perhaps. Slap on a Run Amuck tattoo before the charging into the hills and trails. Shows you’ve been there and survived to tell the tales.

Water Spray-Courtesy of the Quantico Fire Department, positioned just prior to the finish, Run Amuck participants splash around under the cascading water. The multiple-stories tall waterfall is a refreshing pitstop on the way to the finish.

Vehicle Showcase-Take selfies and get up close with light armored vehicles displayed by the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.

Its dirty work, but someone’s got to do it—why not you? Register now. Register your friends. Register your family.

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