July 9, 2018

Four Steps to Transfer an MCM Entry

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Looking to score an entry to the sold out MCM? Then you’re lucky day is quickly approaching! Unable to participate after obtaining a spot in the MCM? Relief is on the way. “The People’s Marathon” understands injuries happen, unforeseeable conflicts come up, training isn’t effective or business trips are put on the books.

On Wednesday, July 11 at Noon EST, the MCM Transfer program will open. Anyone who has to opt out of the MCM can transfer their entry to a zealous runner.

There are options through the MCM Transfer program for bibs that can’t be used.

  • Shuffle bib from a registered MCM runner to an MCM hopeful
  • Still participate in the MCM Weekend by changing to the MCM10K

Registered for the MCM10K but can’t make it? Transferring a bib for the MCM10K to another eager runner is also an option.

Here’s how the MCM runner-to-runner transfer program works:

1-Add a message on the MCM Facebook Page in the Visitor Post section. From a mobile device, scroll on the horizontal menu bar to “posts” from the MCM Facebook page, then click on “See Visitor Posts.” Registered runners can utilize this approach to put out the call and find a non-registered runner to take their place. The MCM doesn’t assist with finding connecting runners, but all the resources are available for you to do so.

2-Make a connection! Once you’ve found someone to transfer your bib to, pull up the original confirmation email and click on the “Manage Registration” button on the bottom of the message. This will take runners to the registration landing page to log in and view their MCM status. To log in, the same information needs to be input that was used during registration. There will be an online form for the original registered runner to complete to initiate the transfer. The original runner must input the full name and email address of the person they are transferring the entry. It is recommended that this process is done on a desktop computer.

3-The new runner who will be receiving the bib via transfer will be emailed a dedicated link to complete the process. The new runner must complete the form and pay the $50 transfer fee to finalize the transaction. Any add-ons purchased during registration, like tickets to Carbo Dining In, cannot be transferred and are non-refundable.

4-Time to settle the score. When transferring an entry, the original runner does not receive a refund on their bib entry fee or any products from the MCM so the transfer partners must determine between themselves how to cover the original registration payment.

Aren’t able to run the full 26.2 miles but still want to participate in MCM Weekend? Runners can transfer an MCM entry to the MCM10K with no fee. It is easy to do!

Have a MCM10K entry but can’t make it? There’s a transfer option for that too! The process of finding another runner to take your place in the 10K and how to find the transfer page is similar to what was described above for MCM transfers. An email invitation will then be sent to the new runner, and then they will be responsible for paying the $25 transfer fee on the website and resolving the registration costs with the original runner. Please note that Next Generation youth entries can only be transferred to another runner within the same age group.

The MCM Transfer program is a unique program affording runners flexibility and adding opportunities for those interested in a #RunWithTheMarines to obtain a spot in “The People’s Marathon.”

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