Congratulations on your participation in the Turkey Trot 10K and Turkey Trot mile virtual event. The MCM Organization is proud to unveil several new upgraded features for virtual participants including a downloadable bib, results upload feature and a printable/shareable finisher certificate. Follow instructions below to access these special services.

Virtual Bib

Registered virtual runners may download a personal participant bib to wear or display.

To Download your Virtual Bib:

  1. Log into your Participant Account
  2. Click “Your Registrations”
  3. Click on your Historic Half registration
  4. Click “Get Your Virtual Bib.” Bib will feature your assigned bib number.

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Connect a Wearable

Participants have the option to link their personal wearables to their participant account to track their participation and submit results. Compatible devices include Garmin Connect and FitBit.

Sync your device under your participant account prior to starting your virtual Turkey Trot! Once connected, you activity from your device will sync directly to your participant account.

To sync your wearable:
1. Connect your wearable device.
2. Click on “Your devices” at the top of the screen.
3. In the “Manage” tab, click connect under your device.
4. You will be prompted to log into your wearable device

Don’t have a wearable device? Download the free Fitbit app on your smartphone and use the MobileRun® feature to track pace, time and distance.

Submitting Results

After completing the Turkey Trot 10K, runners must submit their results through participant account in Haku.

Results may be submitted via a link to a public page from an app, a screenshot, a photo of a watch or treadmill or directly from a wearable device (Garmin and Fitbit are currently supported). Ensure to record both distance and time in your submission. Participants have until November 30, 2020 to input their finisher data.

To submit results manually:

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations”
  • Click on the specific event registration
  • Scroll to the bottom of registration information
  • Enter total finish time
  • Enter proof of finish time via link or photo
  • Tell how, when, and with whom you ran
  • Click “Save”

To submit results from synced device (Garmin or Fitbit):

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations.”
  • Select the event you are submitting time for
  • Click “Submit Activity” and “Log New Activity.”
  • Select “Add From Wearable.”
  • The data from your device will be displayed
  • Click “Select” to choose an activity to submit as your results.

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Finisher Certificates

Turkey Trot finisher certificates will be available as soon as runners upload results. Accessible through the MCM website, the certificate includes the runner’s name and finish time and may be shared digitally or printed for framing. Runners will be able to individualize the certificates by selecting up to four personal achievement badges. .

Download a digital finisher certificate upon finishing the Turkey Trot 10K.

To Download a Finisher Certificate:

  • Go to the Results Page
  • Click the down arrow next to name and results
  • Click “Download Finisher Certificate”