June 12, 2019

Dishing the Dirt on Run Amuck

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Are you ready to Run Amuck? Here’s the dirt on the super popular mud and obstacle event happening on Quantico this weekend.

Fly through your Inflatable Obstacles to start off the event. Run then dive head first through the series of tubes and tricks in the center of Butler Stadium. Dig deep and move fast because a new runner is sent through by a Marine every 30 seconds. This is where memories are made. Think kids birthday party fun but on an adult-sized scale.

Heart pounding, now you’re spinning. The course will move down field for a spin around Izzy Dizzy, also known as dizzy bats.Cross the track and stretch out your legs by climbing the 33 eighteen-inch Bleacher Stairs. Turn left at the top of the Stadium and gaze down upon those following in your footsteps. After some Jumping Jacks, carefully Rappel Down into the stadium. Accomplish some Crunches before moving around the track to climb back out of the Stadium with a Rope Ascend.

  • Tip: “Get your game face on! ‘Marine Up’ with cammie face paint in Butler Stadium. It’s the perfect way to take on all this madness and get motivated.”

Climb the Cargo Net that Marines and Sailors used to board ships in days gone by. Place your hands on the vertical ropes and your feet on the horizontal ropes. Prepare to leap over the Honor, Courage, & Commitment logs that were brought to Run Amuck from Officer Candidate School.

You’ve reached the first Mud Pit!

  • Tip: “Don’t be shy, go big or go home. Each mud pit is constructed differently so have fun and mud up.”

As you approach the Bungee Cord Spider Web, you’ll also spot the Pipe Crawl. Up and down, up and down, you go until reaching the second hidden Mud Pit. Slosh through the mud.

  • Tip: “High five all 62 Marines on course! Can you spot each of them? Look for their cammies (and maybe some cammie paint) along the course and obstacles as they motivate you and provide directions.”

If mud wasn’t enough, here’s some foam! After the mud pit, conquer the Foam Pass and Star Jumps deep in the woods. The tunnel of bubbles leads you to Directors Hill. Take in the view in all directions 187 feet above sea level. You can see the post-race activities to the east at the booming Finish Festival. Watch your step over the next quarter mile of challenging marked by slopes and hills. Now you’ll hit the boot camp-inspired Monkey Bars, carry Ammunition Cans, take on Tire Drills and the Hay Bale Hurdle, then stretch out your arms and legs to climb over the A-Frames.

  • Tip: “Look for the little plastic animals along Stadium and Sewer Trails on the course. Someone on Marine Corps Base Quantico enthusiastically leaves them there for motivation and humor. Please only leave footprints and take memories.”

On the other side of Two Bridges, entering the Powerline Trail for the last time, you’ll approach the most challenging Mud Pit of the course. Crawl out of the pit and head to the Ammo Can Lift. A few more familiar feats to go, Tire Drills, Hay Bale Hurdle and the A-Frame Climb. Finish strong with the Tube Crawl and into the last Mud Pit. Make sure you get really dirty on this last mud slide!

Emphasize your accomplishment by throwing your arms in the air in relief at Quantico Fire and EMS Fire Hose Spray at the top of Butler Stadium. Run one last time to the Slip and Slide and float back into Butler Stadium before dashing to the finish line. A group of proud, cheering Marines will greet you with an OORAH! Then get ready for a wild and sudsy clean-up courtesy of Dr. Bronners Magic Foam Experience.

Clear as Mud? Get ready to Run Amuck! A small quantity of entries are still available-register now.

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Run Amuck

Run Amuck, the MCM’s messiest mud and obstacle event, offers runners arduous obstacles and plenty of mud on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at Butler Stadium on Marine Corps Base Quantico. Limited registration remains available.

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