September 28, 2016

Be Inspired by Daddy/Daughter Time

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Kevin Mahoney from New York shared his inspiration for running the MCM. “I’m a Marine. I was honorably discharged over 20 years ago, but still a Marine. Since entering back into the civilian world, I have constantly struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. In April of 2015, I was out on a walk on a local trail in Orange County, NY, when I wondered if I could still run. I tried, and epically could not make it one quarter of a mile without stopping.

About a week later, my wife sent me a Facebook post about a 5K that was happening locally and I took up the challenge. I started a training program for a 5K in early May. The morning of the 5K came, and, as I was getting ready to go to the start line, there was a picture of my daughter, Sydney, in my truck.

Sydney was a preemie who had passed away in July 2013, only 6 days after being born. I put that picture in my shorts pocket, and the whole time I thought of her while I ran. When I crossed the finish line, I pulled out the picture of Sydney and took a selfie of her and I at the finish line with finisher medal in hand. It was the two of us together that finished the race and accomplished this challenge. The next challenge was a 10K a month later. We did that together. Then, in September, we completed our first half marathon. After completing over seven half marathons since then and dropping some pounds, we are now training together to run our first marathon which only makes sense to be the Marine Corps Marathon.

We do every training run and race together. It’s daddy and daughter time that I otherwise don’t get to spend with her, and when people ask about her when they see us taking pictures at the finish line, it is a chance to spread the word about the risk that babies are at when they are born prematurely. It is the nations #1 killer of infants, and we have to do all that we can to prevent it from happening. Looking forward to seeing everyone in October.

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