February 8, 2021

5 Indoor Winter Workouts for Runners

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Let’s face it, sometimes the frigid temperatures can get in the way of outdoor running in the winter. Whether you’re facing logistical or motivational challenges, winter weather doesn’t have to derail your training. In fact, this is the perfect time to swap out some miles for one or more cross-training activities to get faster, stronger and endure longer in your running.

Here are five indoor workouts ideal for staying warm while improving your running fitness in the winter:

Strength-training Circuit
Numerous studies found that implementing frequent strength-training exercises in your training schedule led to improved running performance and helped to prevent running injuries. A well-rounded strength-training circuit enhances your mobility, while targeted training provides more specific benefits. Lower-body moves increase how much force is generated in each stride and how quickly you apply that force – it’s like a speed workout that will help with those hills. Upper-body and core moves improve posture, running form and overall stability.

Contrary to popular belief, rowing isn’t all arms. Indoor rowing is a low-impact resistance training that incorporates your legs, core, back and arms – all of which help to improve posture, endurance and power. But remember, you have to do it right to reap the benefits.

An indoor cycling or spin class is a no-impact workout that not only improves running performance, but also builds muscle strength and aid recovery. Cycling uses different sets of muscles to running, such as more use of quads, glutes and core muscles – perfectly complementing those used for running, ultimately making you a stronger runner. Adding cycling to your weekly routine also helps to reduce muscle and joint stiffness that can get you up and running quicker and stronger.

The treadmill can also be used in your cross-training routine. A brisk walk on a steep incline is less intense than running but you’ll be working the same muscles you use when running, while working on your running technique and form. And if you’re worried that a treadmill workout is monotonous or boring, check out these tips on how you can have a fun and effective treadmill workout.

For many runners, yoga is a crucial element of their cross training regimens. A simple yoga routine can increase blood flow to overworked joints and muscles to aid in healing, while stretching and strengthening muscles for improved flexibility and range of motion, making it the perfect recovery activity for runners. Yoga can also help to lessen stress, increase focus and improve your overall mental wellbeing.

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