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meet the 2023 mcm diplomats

These passionate runners are helping MCMO tell the world about a healthy and active lifestyle through fun, authentic and engaging content. Follow each of our Diplomats as they showcase their passion for the sport while training for the 48th MCM.

Jose Crosby_Diplomat

Jose crosby

Jose is an active duty Marine, stationed in Quantico, Virginia, who is also a participant on the All-Marine Run Team. Further, he has over 12 years of experience in running from middle school to college and hopes to use it to help others find success in their own ways. Most recently, he qualified for the Boston Marathon during his first marathon, the 2022 Marine Corps Marathon. Jose continuously finds himself motivated to challenge the limits of himself, as he is currently training for his first ultra marathon and eventually a full length Ironman.

Outside the realm of endurance running, Jose is an active volunteer at the United Service Organization (USO), a part time student, a voracious reader and a true lover of the alluring, charming yet beautiful state of Virginia.

You can follow Jose on his running adventures on Instagram @crosbyrunswild.

Jessica Hood

Jessica is an avid runner and content creator based in Washington, DC. She has run 2 marathons and hopes to complete two more (including MCM!) in 2023. When she isn’t running, working her full time job in finance, or creating content, she loves trying new restaurants and activities in DC with friends and playing tennis and golf.

You can follow along her marathon training journey on Instagram @jessrhood or TikTok @jessicarosehood. 

MCM Diplomat_Jess
Greg Rouson_Diplomat

Greg Rouson

Greg is a former U.S. Army officer. Originally from Hamptons Roads by way of Roper, NC, he is a long-time Alexandria City resident of 17 years and counting. An avid runner, Greg is a Marathon Maniac, Half Fanatic and MCM Runners Club Member.

You can follow Greg on Instagram @roustance.

kelly vigil

Kelly is an ultra runner and mom to three. She’s been running since 2011 and has run the Marine Corps Marathon 4 times. Currently, she’s training to run the MCM50K this year. Based in the Charleston, SC area but from northern VA, Kelly is also a run coach who simplifies running & encourages runners to go after their goals. Having fun and enjoying the miles is her priority!

Set your running goals along with Kelly by following her on Instagram @moremilesmorefun.


No federal or Marine Corps endorsement implied.

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