Keep Charging!!

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A message from Brett Ladd, CEO, Government and Universities, Sodexo:

As CEO for Sodexo’s Government and Universities business, there are two things that get me excited about going to work each day – the opportunity to lead an incredibly talented team of professionals dedicated to service and the chance to positively impact the partners we serve. That sounds great and relatively easy, but as they say in Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

I realize that in tough times, like dealing with the COVID-19, it can be easy to lose focus and drop the ball. I also know from experience that it can be a real challenge to keep your eye on the prize with a big obstacle right in front of you. To help keep my teams and I focused, I’ve started using a phrase one of our partners in the United States Marine Corps once said to me in a letter - I now encourage everyone to Keep Charging!!

I share this because I think it can help you, just like it helps us. Whether studying for the big test, gathering strength for the final minutes of your game against your rival, finishing that huge assignment for school or completing the Marine Corps Turkey Trot Mile, an internal reminder to Keep Charging many just give you that extra little needed boost.

I’m a firm believer in the potential and I’ve seen amazing things accomplished when someone focuses inward to pull the best out of themselves. That’s what Keep Charging is all about. No matter what life hands you, both the good and the bad, these two simple words can help keep you on track and moving forward. All you need to do is Keep Charging!!