Historic Half Results

Marine Corps Historic Half searchable results are available for all years dating back to 2008. Finisher and volunteer certificates and team results may be accessed via the 'other results' tab.

Finisher Certificates

Finisher certificates for the 2018 Historic Half Weekend are now available. Runners may download and print the certificate in celebration of this monumental accomplishment, either by clicking the “other results” tab above or the appropriate button.

Historic Half Certificate

Semper 5ive Certificate

Devil Dog Double Certificate


Results discrepancy? Absence of data? Please email your name and bib number to timer.guy@gmail.com. All results posted on the MCM website immediately after an event are unofficial. Additional time to review all data and finalize the results information is often necessary. Historic Half and Semper 5ive results may not be official for several weeks.

An Epic Run Historic Half


Since the event began in 2008, the Historic Half has hosted over 40,000 runners. In 2014, Tim Young set the course record at 1:05:09.

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Historic Half

Great medal + Amazing crowds + Terrific weekend getaway + the Marines=an Instant Running Favorite. The Marine Corps Historic Half features colonial sites, a quaint downtown and the now famous Hospital Hill.

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Weekend Events

What more could you want from a spring half marathon? Big time expo and alternate distance event makes perfect destination for everyone.

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