The MCM10K, presented by Navy Federal Credit Union, is hosted on the same day as the Marine Corps Marathon, Sunday, October 30, 2022.

General Registration

MCM10K general registration is now open for runners aged 7 and up.

Click Here To Register

Deferment Re-Registration

Those who hold a current deferment received an email with instructions and a dedicated link on January 26. Registration was open from January 26 to February 15. Current deferments must be used before any other means of registration. Otherwise, runner will risk forfeiting their deferred entry.

Virtual Info

Virtual MCM10K registration is now open. Participants have from October 1 to November 10, 2022 to complete the distance.

Participant Bib

Registered virtual runners may download a personal participant bib to wear or display. Bibs are now avaliable.

To Download your Virtual Bib:

  • Log into your Participant Account (username is your email)
  • Click “Your Registrations”
  • Click on your MCM10K registration
  • Click “Download Your Virtual Bib"

Connect a wearable

Participants have the option to link their personal wearables to their account to track their mileage and submit results. This should be done prior to starting your virtual event. Log into your participant account to view wearable options.

To sync your wearable:

  • Connect your wearable device.
  • Click on “Your devices” at the top of the screen and click "Connect" under your device.
  • Follow the steps to connect.
  • You will be prompted to log into your wearable device

Submitting Results

Runners are encouraged to submit their results through participant account in Haku.

Results may be submitted via a link to a public page from an app, a screenshot, a photo of a watch or treadmill or directly from a supported wearable device. Ensure to record both distance and time in your submission. Participants have from October 1 until November 10, 2022 to input their finisher data.

To submit results manually:

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations”
  • Click on the specific event registration
  • Scroll to the bottom of registration information
  • Enter total finish time, distance completed and additional information.
  • Enter proof of finish time via link or photo (optional)
  • Click “Save” to complete your submission

To submit results from synced device:

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations.”
  • Select the event you are submitting time for
  • Click “Submit Activity” and “Log New Activity.”
  • Select “Add From Wearable.”
  • The data from your device will be displayed
  • Click “Select” to choose an activity to submit as your results.

Finisher Certificates

To download your virtual finisher certificate:

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations”
  • On the right side, click on "See Your Finisher Details"
  • Click on "View Your Results"
  • Click on "Download Finisher Certificate"


Ambitious runners can register for three MCM Weekend events through a combination of virtual or live MCM, MCM50K and MCM10K to complete the Trifecta. This challenge will reward finishers with a stunning challenge coin in addition to the corresponding finisher medals.

In order to achieve the Trifecta, runners must run either the MCM or MCM50K live and the other two events can be virtual.

Registration for the virtual MCM and MCM50K events is now open. MCM10K registration will open on April 6.

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