Conquer Hospital Hill and celebrate completing the Semper 5ive, presented by Navy Federal Credit Union! The 5 mile run in Fredericksburg, VA on May 22, 2022 boasts a fantastic finisher medal, terrific technical participant shirt and more.


Semper 5ive registration is now open to ages 7 and above. Participants must be able to maintain a 20 minute per mile pace.

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Official Training Shirt

Train for history with the exclusive 2022 Historic Half Weekend training shirt.

This specially designed short sleeve technical shirt is a must have for any runner determined to conquer Hospital Hill this May. Whether you are taking on 5, 13.1 or 18.1 miles, this highly breathable, moisture-wicking tee is perfect for all your warm training runs.

Purchase price includes shipping and handling. Shirts will be processed for mailing each Monday thru May 9, 2022.

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After registering for the live Semper 5ive some runners unfortunately are unable to participate. These runners may opt to transfer their entry to a non-registered runner through the Transfer Program. The MCM doesn't assist in the identification of individuals to receive a transfer. Runners often find transfer partners on the MCM Facebook page.

Runner-to-Runner: Runners currently registered may transfer an entry to another runner. There is a $25 transfer fee (plus processing) associated with transferring between individuals. Either individual involved in the transfer may pay this fee. ** NOTE – only if we have time to offer this option …

When transferring an entry, runners do not receive a refund on registration fees. Any such monetary transactions must be handled directly between the transferring runners. Entries may not be transferred more than once.

Initiating transfer:

  • To execute the transfer, please follow these steps:
  • Runner-to-Runner
  • Login to your Haku account:
  • Click 'Your Registrations'
  • Click 'Edit Registration'
  • Scroll and click 'Registration Options' (bottom right size of page)
  • Click 'Transfer'
  • Enter the name and email address of the person you wish to transfer registration to
  • Select the option to pay the transfer fee or to pass on the transfer fee to the new runner, click "Transfer and Pay $" or "Transfer and Pass Fee" (green button).

At this time the original runner is removed from the event and placed in the transfer file. The new runner will receive an email with a customized link to complete the transfer.

Receiving transfer:

The new runner will receive an email with a customized link to complete the transfer.


The five mile journey begins at 7:00 a.m. adjacent to James Monroe High School on Fredericksburg’s Washington Ave. Runners travel past scenic Old Mill Park on Caroline Street to Riverside Drive where they catch a stunning view of the Rappahannock River. At the end of Riverside Drive, runners turn right into Fall Hill Avenue.

From Fall Hill Avenue, runners circle right around the traffic circle and turn right onto Mary Washington Boulevard traveling along the road as runners turn right on Hospital Drive presenting runners with the challenge of Hospital Hill at mile 2.5. At the top of Hospital Hill, runners remain right around the traffic circle. They continue straight on Hospital Drive, remaining with the traffic pattern.

Course Map

Hospital Hill

The Semper 5ive challenges runners to “Marine Up” and scale Hospital Hill, the 0.53-mile segment of the course. Runners arrive at Mary Washington Healthcare campus halfway through the five mile journey. Hospital Hill begins an uphill climb that peaks at Cowan Boulevard at I-95 and consumes much of the second half of the event course. The much-talked-about Hospital Hill stretches over 930 yards in which the hill’s elevation doubles from 100 feet to 200 feet, or the equivalent of climbing to the top of a ten story building. Add to this the tease of a slight leveling off partway up Hospital Hill before encountering another eight percent grade. To finish the Semper 5ive, means a runner has conquered Hospital Hill.

Water Points

  • Mary Washington Blvd just past Fall Hill Traffic Circle
  • Along Cowan Blvd near Hospital Drive
  • Cowan Blvd prior to Carl D. Silver Parkway

Aid Stations

Aid Stations provide basic medical and Basic Life Support care along the Semper 5ive course with support from proud sponsor, Mary Washington Healthcare, the Naval Health Clinic Quantico and other volunteers.

Fredericksburg Emergency Medical Services (EMS), along with mutual aid partners from the surrounding areas, provide bike teams, medical gators and EMS transport in support of the event. Each Aid Station is equipped with an AED, as well as other medical supplies needed to care for participants.

Aid Stations are located:

  • Semper 5ive start area
  • Hospital Hill
  • Along Carl D. Silver Parkway at Eye Care Center
  • Finish at Virginia Credit Union Stadium, home of the Fredericksburg Nationals

Packet Pick-up

All Historic Half Weekend participants are required to attend Packet Pick-up, located within the Healthy Lifestyle Expo to obtain the official bib with timing device and technical competitor shirt. Runners are required to bring the e-Card and a photo ID to Packet Pick-up. e-Cards are emailed to all participants in the weeks prior to the event.

Runners are highly encouraged to pick up their own materials and verify personal information.

For runners unable to attend Packet Pick-up, proxy pick-up is an available option. Runners may designate an individual to obtain their bib and event materials. The individual picking up the bib for a registered runner must present a hard copy of the completed e-Card with a copy of the runner's photo ID, as well as a copy of his/her ID. Please obtain the runner's preferred shirt size. e-Cards are emailed to the registered runner before the event. Parents may sign waiver and retrieve packets for their children under 18 years of age.

Packet Pick-up is not available on event morning.


The Semper 5ive will start adjacent to James Monroe High School on Washington Avenue at 7:00 a.m.


The Semper 5ive timing system utilizes a light-weight disposable UHF RFID tag that stays mounted on the runner's bib, embedded in the reverse side. No action is required of runners beyond wearing the assigned bib. The "B-tag" records a runner’s official time, beginning when a participant crosses the start line and concluding as he or she passes the finish. Runners receive their B-tag on their event bib.


Semper 5ive participants may check their approved clear bag (received during Packet Pick-up) on event morning at baggage trucks adjacent to the Semper 5ive start line. Semper 5ive baggage will close at 6:30am. Baggage support vehicles are located adjacent to the start. Runners can pick up their items post-event in the Historic Half finish line area.


On event morning, Semper 5ive participants will have many parking opportunities available within Central Park, the shopping complex in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with over 200 stores, restaurants and businesses. The complex is located near the intersection of Interstate 95 and State Route 3. A shuttle will take Semper 5ive participants from parking to the event start area.


Pre-event: There will be a pre-event shuttle service to the Semper 5ive start area. Semper 5ive participants can utilize the many parking opportunities available within Central Park. Pre-race shuttles will launch from near the Hilton Garden Inn located near the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center. Semper 5ive participants should head toward the MCHH start line from Central Park to access this location. Pre-event shuttles will begin at 5:00 a.m. and run through 6:15 a.m.

Spectators are welcome to ride the shuttle to the Semper 5ive start line. However, there will be no shuttles back to the finish line area. Spectators will be responsible for their own transportation back.


All participants will enjoy hospitality to include beverages and recovery snacks while visiting the Finish Festival booths and activities.

Runners and spectators can reunite at the Family Link-up area. To coordinate link up, meet under the flag bearing the first letter of the runner's last name. The flags are designated as follows: A-B-C, D-E-F-G, H-I-J-K, L-M-N-O, P-Q-R-S, T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z.

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