Historic Half

For the love of running. For the rush of a new challenge. For your health and piece of mind. For the fully rotational, fresh medals. Run the virtual Historic Half, Semper 5ive and Devil Dog Double.


Entries for the virtual Semper 5ive are still available for $45 for domestic participants and $70 for international participants. The virtual Historic Half and Devil Dog Double are sold out.

Register Here

Registration and any associated purchases are final and not refundable by the MCM Organization or any of its partners. Virtual registrations are non-transferrable or deferrable. Any updates or changes to your registration can be made by logging into your participant account or emailing MCM Customer Service.


Runners who deferred an entry from 2020 to the 2021 Marine Corps Historic Half Weekend must re-register to complete this process. These runners will receive an instructional email and re-registration link. There will be no additional fees associated with the re-registration.

Mission Ready

Training for the Historic Half and Devil Dog Double is all about getting Mission Ready; it’s about preparing your mind and body for a long distance running challenge. In 2021, there’s a new way to get Mission Ready for Historic Half Weekend. Register for the brand new Mission Ready: Historic Half and use your accumulated training mileage to qualify for stunning recognition pieces to enhance your finisher medal.

Choose from three mileage tiers (60, 80 or 100) to log between March 21-May 1 as you train for your 13.1 or 18.1 mile event. Your Mission Ready miles must be completed prior to running your official Historic Half or Devil Dog Double. Log your miles on a virtual Historic Half map, unlock milestone accomplishments, motivational messages, digital badges and special offers as you become Mission Ready.

The 60-mile tier earns a special bronze Mission Ready dog tag. The 80-mile Silver tier qualifies for the dog tag and a silver Mission Ready lapel pin. The 100-mile Gold tier will earn the dog tag, silver pin and a stunning gold collectors pin. The pins and dog tag may be displayed on the ribbon of the Historic Half Weekend finisher medal. Registration tiers cost $25, $30, and $35. Turn your training mileage into a mission to accomplish.

Registration for Mission Ready is closed.

Semper Fi Challenge

The Semper Fi Challenge is a two-event challenge that includes events in both the Marine Corps Historic Half and the Marine Corps Marathon Weekends. Participants who successfully complete the challenge will earn the very special Semper Fi medal. In the 2020 debut of the Challenge, this medal featured the crossed flags of the Marine Corps and the United States. To be eligible, entrants must register for either the Historic Half or the Devil Dog Double in May 2021 and the MCM or the MCM50K in October 2021. Completion of one May event and one October event is required to earn the medal.

Distinguished Participants

The Distinguished Participant medal is earned for a year of running with the Marines. Distinguished status is open to runners of all ages and ability levels and is the perfect opportunity for motivated individuals to participate in the MCM Event Series hosted on or near Marine Corps Base Quantico. Ambitious runners who seek to earn this coveted title and exclusive medal in 2021 must register for events from four of the five tiers, either in person or virtual. Only one event from a tier may count as a Distinguished Participant qualifier.


Participants registering for the 2021 Virtual Historic Half, Semper 5ive or Devil Dog Double will not have the option to defer their registration.


Virtual participants will not be eligible transfer their 2021 registration.

Digital Program

Virtual Expo

Click into the MCM Virtual Expo: May, an interactive part of the Historic Half Weekend starting May 8 through May 15. Visit the vendors, sponsors and merchants who will sell products, promote special offers, share videos and engage with runners.

Virtual Expo

Run Dates

Virtual run dates begin on April 24, 2021. Runners must complete their virtual distance by May 16.


Packages including the participant shirt, finisher medal and commemorative 2021 bib will be mailed to the address participants provide during registration.

Virtual Bib

Registered virtual runners may download a personal participant bib to wear or display. Bibs will be available for download prior to designated run dates.

Finisher Ribbon

A printable finisher ribbon will be available for runners to enhance their Mission Accomplished moment. Runners can also print official mile markers for their virtual event.

Connect a wearable

Participants have the option to link their personal wearables to their participant account to track their participation and submit results. Log into your participant account to view wearable options.

Sync your device under the "Your Devices" tab in your participant account prior to starting your virtual event. Once connected, the activity from your device will sync directly to your participant account.

To sync your wearable:
1. Connect your wearable device.
2. Click on “Your devices” at the top of the screen.
3. In the “Manage” tab, click connect under your device.
4. You will be prompted to log into your wearable device

Don’t have a wearable device? Download the free Fitbit app on your smartphone and use the MobileRun® feature to track pace, time and distance.

Submit Results

After completing the Virtual Historic Half Weekend events runners must submit their results through participant account in Haku.

Results may be submitted via a link to a public page from an app, a screenshot, a photo of a watch or treadmill or directly from a supported wearable device. Ensure to record both distance and time in your submission. Participants have until May 16, 2021 to input their finisher data.

To submit results manually:

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations”
  • Click on the specific event registration
  • Scroll to the bottom of registration information
  • Enter total finish time
  • Enter proof of finish time via link or photo
  • Tell how, when, and with whom you ran
  • Click “Save”

To submit results from synced device:

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations.”
  • Select the event you are submitting time for
  • Click “Submit Activity” and “Log New Activity.”
  • Select “Add From Wearable.”
  • The data from your device will be displayed
  • Click “Select” to choose an activity to submit as your results.

View Instructions


Visit the interactive results including searchable finish times. The arrow next to a runner's name offers a drop-down menu providing a clickable link to share results, open an individual finisher page or access finisher certificates. Finisher certificates may be downloaded, printed or shared.

View Results

Finisher Certificate

Download a Marine Corps Hisotric Half, Semper 5ive or Devil Dog Double Finisher certificate upon finishing.

To Download your Finisher Certificate:

  1. Go to the Results Page
  2. Click the down arrow next to your name and results
  3. Click “Download Finisher Certificate”
  4. Runners may select up to four badges to individualize the certificate based on achievement, affiliation, etc.

View Instructions


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