Run 13.1

The Marine Corps Historic Half is perfectly situated halfway between the capital of the Commonwealth in Richmond and the nation’s capital. The hugely popular Marine Corps Historic Half has made historic Fredericksburg a fashionable spring weekend getaway.

165 Days

Until Event Day May 22nd

Conquer Hospital Hill

An Epic Spring Half

Historic Half Weekend Results

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Semper 5ive Miler

Historic Half Weekend includes the Semper 5ive, a five mile distance run.

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Five Tips for Crossing the Finish Line without a Running Injury

The trick to preventing injuries while achieving your goals is all in the preparation and building of healthy habits before race day. Whether you’re running in a 5K, mud run, half or full marathon, following these five tips will keep you healthy and help you reach your goals.

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​Meet Marine Corps Historic Half Iron Miler Lawrence Taber

For Taber, this and every other #RunWithTheMarines means that no matter how tired he’s feeling, how miserable the weather may be, or whatever else is trying to bring his spirits down, he knows he’s not alone. “I've got the Marines and everyone else who's out there on the course with me all the way. It also means that I've got their backs as well.”

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