This year, the event IS the destination. Virtually run the distance that reflects the year the Marine Corps was founded. Undaunted, you’ll cover 17.75K (11.03 miles) to earn the Tun Tavern medal. All registered runners also receive the proud participant shirt. Unlike previous years, Access Granted will not be an earned benefit for finishing the 17.75K in 2021.


Registration to run the virtual 2021 Marine Corps 17.75K is open. Registration is $45 for domestic participants and $65 for international. This event is expected to sell out quickly. Runners will be able to participate in this virtual 11.03 mile event during March 2021. All participants can earn a unique finisher medal featuring a design that reflects the historical landmark sign located at Tun Tavern, the site of the founding of the United States Marine Corps in 1775.

Register Here

MCMO events including the 17.75K are scheduled initially as a virtual run. Runners must first be registered for the virtual event to have the first option to participate in any event that is ultimately approved to host a live, in-person version.

Registration and any associated purchases are final and not refundable by the MCM Organization or any of its partners. Virtual registrations are non-transferrable or deferrable. Any updates or changes to your registration can be made by logging into your participant account or emailing MCM Customer Service.


Runners who deferred an entry from 2020 to the 2021 Marine Corps 17.75K must re-register to complete this process. These runners will receive an instructional email and re-registration link. There will be no additional fees associated with the re-registration.


Deferment is unavailable for 2021 Virtual 17.75K entries.


Virtual 17.75K registrations are non-transferable.

Run Dates

Virtual 17.75K run dates begin on March 6, 2021. Runners must complete their virtual distance by March 20, 2021.


Packages including the participant shirt, finisher medal and commemorative 2021 bib will be mailed to the address participants provide during registration.

Participant Bib

Registered virtual runners may download a personal participant bib to wear or display. Bibs will be available for download prior to designated run dates.

Finisher Ribbon

A printable finisher ribbon will be available for runners to enhance their Mission Accomplished moment. Runners can also print official Marine Corps 17.75K mile markers.

Connect a wearable

Participants have the option to link their personal wearables to their participant account to track their participation and submit results. Log into your participant account to view wearable options.

Sync your device under the "Your Devices" tab in your participant account prior to starting your virtual event. Once connected, the activity from your device will sync directly to your participant account.

To sync your wearable:

  • Connect your wearable device.
  • Click on “Your devices” at the top of the screen.
  • In the “Manage” tab, click connect under your device.
  • You will be prompted to log into your wearable device
Don’t have a wearable device? Download the free Fitbit app on your smartphone and use the MobileRun® feature to track pace, time and distance.

Submitting Results

Runners are encouraged to submit their results through participant account in Haku.

Results may be submitted via a link to a public page from an app, a screenshot, a photo of a watch or treadmill or directly from a supported wearable device. Ensure to record both distance and time in your submission. Participants have until March 20, 2021 to input their finisher data.

To submit results manually:

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations”
  • Click on the specific event registration
  • Scroll to the bottom of registration information
  • Enter total finish time
  • Enter proof of finish time via link or photo
  • Tell how, when, and with whom you ran
  • Click “Save”

To submit results from synced device:

  • Log into Participant Account
  • Click “Your Registrations.”
  • Select the event you are submitting time for
  • Click “Submit Activity” and “Log New Activity.”
  • Select “Add From Wearable.”
  • The data from your device will be displayed
  • Click “Select” to choose an activity to submit as your results.

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Visit the interactive Marine Corps 17.75K Virtual results including searchable finish times. The arrow next to a runner's name offers a drop-down menu providing a clickable link to share results, open an individual finisher page or access finisher certificates. Finisher certificates may be downloaded, printed or shared.

View Results

Finisher Certificate

Download a Marine Corps 17.75K Finisher certificate upon finishing.

To Download your Finisher Certificate:

  1. Go to the Results Page
  2. Click the down arrow next to your name and results
  3. Click “Download Finisher Certificate”


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