Run in Mud: A Rhyme

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Is adventure in your blood?
Do you want to run in mud?
Consider this a gentle nudge.
To make a date to run in sludge.
On June 10th, its Run Amuck.
The course will leave you thunderstruck.
Tackle two or four miles
This will be your fitness trials
Three mud pits are just the start
In 27 obstacles will you take part
Start out past the stadium bleachers
Then run the trenches and rainforest features
A rope bridge, tunnels and low crawls
The fire truck’s powerful waterfalls
Runners divided into eight starting waves
Go every twenty minutes whether frightened or brave
The event is sponsored by Camelbak
An ideal spot to be a wild maniac
Register now to have some fun
Besting mud and obstacles while on the run.
Starting at 7 a.m. participants convene
For you to do a run with the Marines.

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