Run Amuck Grind

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Congratulations to the muddy masses at Run Amuck who donated their grimy running shoes to the MCMO’s shoe return on event day, Saturday, June 10.

As a result of your participation in the shoe return, the MCMO yielded 324 pairs of running shoes. The shoes will go to a facility that grinds them down for materials used to create state-of-the-art running tracks, playgrounds, gyms and weight rooms, and other surfaces used for sport.

Run Amuck participant shoes successfully guided each runner through the rugged course aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. It was in the finish area that runners were able to pitch their shoes for recycling. From there, MCMO staff hosed off the dirt and grime and began the drying process before taking them to a facility to be put through grinding process.

On behalf of the MCMO staff and U.S. Marines, thank you for your contribution to the organization’s efforts to reuse, repurpose and to keep America green.

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