Announcing the Virtual Frozen Chosin 7.0 Miler

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The Battle of Chosin Reservoir has been recognized as the most brutal in modern warfare by violence, casualty rate and weather conditions. Over the course of 14 days in 1950, 17 Medals of Honor were awarded. On November 14, 1950, a cold front from Siberia descended over the Chosin Reservoir, and the temperature plunged as low as −36 °F. Between November 27 and December 13, approximately 30,000 United Nations Command troops including those from the US (later nicknamed "The Chosin Few") were encircled and attacked by about 120,000 Chinese troops. The UN forces were nevertheless able to break out of the encirclement.

“Fighting in the winter of 1950 in bitter cold and brutal terrain, men endured severe frostbite, sleepless nights, and total mental and physical exhaustion. Below-zero temperatures, snow-covered mountains, icy roads, and wind-swept cliffs made every skirmish, firefight, and attack a nightmare beyond the men’s wildest dreams. If you stopped moving you froze. (The battle of the Chosin Reservoir by Ned Forney).

In honor of the 70th anniversary of this historic battle, the MCM Organization will host the Frozen Chosin 7.0 Miler. Runners ages seven and up will have the opportunity to complete 7.0 miles virtually between November 27 and December 13, 2020, a span of dates matching the battle or live aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico on December 12 at 10:00 a.m. Registration begins on September 2 and is limited to 1,200 participants across the two participation options. For $40, participants receive official results, a digital keepsake bib and a specially designed backpack featuring stunning embroidery of the Republic of Korea War Service Military Ribbon to recognize the accomplishment of finishing this special commemorative event.

Late in the battle, the Chinese troops were ordered to blow up a bridge vital to the path of the United Nations troops. With their exit path blocked, the US dropped by parachute eight, two ton portable bridge sections that were successfully reassembled into a replacement bridge by Marine Corps combat engineers. This incredible feat enabled UN forces to cross the bridge to safety.

The official event logo commemorates this epic parachute drop and includes two thermometers as a reminder of the frigid temperatures troops faced. Consider the average December temperature in the US ranges from the 30s across the northern tier to the 60s in the southern tier. Those standards translate to an average difference of 81 degrees warmer than the conditions at the Battle of Chosin.

Runners are encouraged to find a day with cold temperatures within the participation window to honor those who fought during this defining battle from which came the Chesty Puller quote, "We're surrounded. Good, that simplifies the problem."


Participate virtually November 27 - December 13 or Live aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico on December 12, 2020. Registration is $40 and is now open.

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Registration and any associated purchases are final and not refundable by the MCM Organization or any of its partners. Virtual registrations are non-transferrable or deferrable. Any updates or changes to your registration can be made by logging into your participant account or emailing MCM Customer Service.