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2017 17.75K

Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot 2016

MCM Weekend

MCM Weekend 2016

Quantico Tri & 12K

2016 Quantico Tri/12K

Run Amuck

Run Amuck 2016

Historic Half Weekend

2016 Historic Half Weekend

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Roughly 50,000 runners annually participate in Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) events including the MCM Event Series, Marine Corps Historic Half marathon, the MCM and MCM10K. At the culmination of every race, runner anecdotes and experiences form an amazing event narrative of motivation, inspiration, dedication and celebration. A wondrous sense of accomplishment is felt by the individual runner whose stories of victory and perseverance often are left untold. However, when shared, these tales can add fuel to the fires that burn within others.

As the nickname "The People's Marathon" suggests, the success of the MCM, and of every MCM event, is built on the foundation of each individual's personal commitment to train, run and finish. It's time your stories are told. Whether it is to celebrate a long journey to physical fitness, to honor a loved one in the military, to raise money for your favorite charity or to commemorate a special event, please share why you run!