Transfer or Defer

In promoting physical fitness and generating community goodwill, the MCM seeks to ensure the greatest number of properly trained athletes are on the start line of "The People's Marathon." To that end, the MCM has two unique programs, distinguishing its commitment to the runners from other similar events.

The MCM recognizes that things happen like injuries, business trips, and unforeseeable conflicts. The MCM deferment and transfer policies allow runners to delay participation by a year or give someone else the chance to run in their place.


After registering for the MCM, some runners ultimately decide they are unable to participate in a marathon. These runners may opt to transfer their entry to a non-registered runner through the event's unique Transfer Program. The MCM doesn't assist in the identification of individuals to receive a transfer. Runners often find transfer partners on the MCM Facebook page.

Only runners currently registered for the MCM may transfer an entry to another runner. There is a fee associated with transferring between individuals.

Entries may not be transferred more than once. Additionally, the transfer program is ONLY available for the MCM and MCM10K and not any other MCM event. Transfer program is now closed.


There is a $50 fee to facilitate the transfer of an MCM entry. When transferring an entry, runners do not receive a refund on registration fees from the MCM. Any such monetary transactions must be handled directly between the transferring runners. Additional purchases made at the time of MCM registration are not eligible to be transferred to another runner nor deferred to a future registration. There is no fee associated with transferring an entry from the MCM to the MCM10K but this type of transfer is very limited. A $25 fee will be charged for MCM10K runner to runner transfers.


The MCM makes available to runners the option to defer their original registration to the next year's marathon. Deferring an entry guarantees a spot to re-register in the following year’s MCM by forgoing participation in that year’s Marathon. There is a $80 fee associated with this service. Any additional purchases made at the time of the initial MCM registration including Carbo Dining-in tickets are not eligible to be deferred to a future registration. An entry may only be deferred once. MCM10K bibs may not be deferred. This service is only extended to Marathon participants. The deferment program is now closed.


Runners who deferred an entry from the 2017 to the 2018 MCM must re-register to complete this process and guarantee participation in the 43rd MCM on October 28, 2018. These runners will receive an instructional email and, later, a courtesy reminder during the first week of March 2018. The re-registration form will be available beginning at noon on March 14 and will remain available to runners until noon on March 28. Re-Registration is now closed.