MCM Runners Club

Runners who have successfully completed at least five Marine Corps Marathons are eligible to join the MCM Runners Club. This exclusive group of motivated marathoners receives guaranteed annual access to MCM registration, during a designated period, eliminating any Lottery uncertainty for these frequent participants.

How to Join

Membership is free and registration is simple. The only qualification is to have successfully completed five MCMs.

For runners who earn their fifth finish at the 42nd MCM, the form to join the Runners Club will be available soon, as the MCM is changing its registration platform following the 2017 event.

To join, please complete the online form including the years of participation. The MCM will verify the application. All approved applications afford the runner the privilege of a lifetime of guaranteed MCM registration access. Please allow the MCM time to register the Runners Club.

New MCM Runners Club members who join after February 28 will not be eligible to receive access to that year's MCM through Club access. These individuals may still pursue an entry through public registration, as guaranteed access will not begin until the following year. Receipt of the Runners Club certificate prior to February 28, is not mandatory to be eligible for guaranteed registration in the current year.


New MCM Runners Club members will receive a commemorative MCM Runners Club certificate and patch, as well as an email with an individualized MCM Runners Club number.The Runners Club number serves as permanent identification in event registration records. Additional five year patches will be awarded as new plateaus are reached.

Honor Code

Reflecting Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment, MCM Runners Club members must honor the unique access membership affords and may not give this special entry to any other individual.The entry is exclusively for those who have earned it. MCM Runners Club members must register each year during the designated timeframe. Registration information will be sent by email to MCM Runners Club members. It is the responsibility of the MCM Runners Club member to maintain up-to-date contact information including e-mail, address and phone.