High Power Leaders

Join the Columbia Business School Executive Challenge at the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon. Sponsored by world-renowned Columbia Business School in New York City, the Executive Challenge offers high-power military and civilian leaders who are registered to participate in a special competition within the MCM.

The Executive Challenge offers a unique opportunity to run with a group of CEOs, presidents, commissioned military officers, and other senior executives and earn bragging rights as the fastest executive. And when Columbia Business School says bragging rights, they mean it: The top male and top female winner of the Executive Challenge will be announced in The Washington Post the day after the MCM.

How to Register

The Executive Challenge is open to business and military leaders across industries, fields, and functions. Free to join once an individual has successfully registered for the MCM. Sign up for the Executive Challenge on the Columbia Business School website.

Register Here

What's In It For You

In addition to all the great MCM benefits, runners participating in the Executive Challenge will receive:

  • A chance to win a 2- or 3-day program at Columbia Business School executive Education, worth up to $6,250^
  • The official Columbia Business School Executive Challenge t-shirt
  • A subscription to exclusive thought leadership from Columbia Business School

About Columbia Business School

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