After registering for the Historic Half, some runners are unable to participate in the Historic Half. These runners may opt to transfer their entry to a non-registered runner through the Historic Half Transfer Program. Additionally, the transfer program offers registered Half runners the opportunity to switch into the Semper 5ive. The program also enables Semper 5ive participants the opportunity to shift their registration to a non-registered runner.


Runner-to-Runner: Devil Dog Double, Historic Half and Semper 5ive registered runners may transfer an entry to a non-registered runner.

Event-to-Event: Those Devil Dog and Historic Half runners not up to completing distance challenge but still wish to #RunWithTheMarines may opt to transfer their entry for a spot in a shorter distance event. Devil Dog runners may transfer to the Half or the 5ive. Historic Half participants may transfer to the Semper 5ive. Transfers must be completed by May 3.


Only runners currently registered for the Devil Dog, Historic Half or Semper 5ive may transfer an entry. Runners are required to find transfer partners, often brokered on the MCM Facebook page. The MCM does not participate in this part of the process. When transferring an entry, runners do not receive a refund on registration fees from the MCM. Any reimbursement of registration fees must be coordinated directly between the transferring runners.


  • A $25 transfer fee will be charged during this online process for any runner-to-runner transfer.
  • There is no charge for registered runners who switch an entry from the Devil Dog Double or Historic Half to a shorter distance event.

Receiving Transfer

The runner currently registered for the Historic Half must complete the online form. Access to this form requires the registration confirmation number or select personal information. A webpage with a customized link will be unlocked enabling the runner to initiate the transfer. Runners will input the name and email of the individual receiving the entry for Runner-to-Runner transfers. An email will be sent to the transfer recipient with an individualized link. The new runner must complete the form and pay the fee within 72 hours to finalize the transaction. Once submitted, the transfer cannot be cancelled. Entries may not be transferred more than once.

Transfer program is now closed. Please visit solution center at the expo for any questions.