25 Reasons to Register Early for the Half

Historic Half runner and re-enactor

Tiered registration prices are not uncommon in the running community. Many events publicize specific dates in which the registration fee escalates to a new and higher price. This process doesn't reward commitment. It actually is an incentive to procrastinate that prompts runners to wait until the last possible moment to register. A #RunWithTheMarines is about motivation and so the challenge of conquering Hospital Hill should start with a powerful and confident click on the registration form.

The Marine Corps Historic Half will employ on-demand registration, extending to the most motivated runners the opportunity to save as much as $25 off the top price by securing an entry early.

Registration opens on January 17 at noon eastern and the Historic Half registration fee will be just $70 for the first 2,500 runners who sign up. That could happen very quickly. The next block of 3,000 entries will cost $80 before the fee settles at $95 for the final 1,500 spots.

If you've #RunWithTheMarines before but haven't scaled Hospital Hill or enjoyed a great weekend visiting the sites, shops and restaurants of Fredericksburg, then the Marine Corps Historic Half is a must on your 2018 running calendar. If you've been there before, you know the challenge that awaits and the exciting experience ahead.