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"The People's Marathon" is structured to best assist runners successfully navigate registration to training and start to finish. In promoting physical fitness and generating community goodwill, the MCM seeks to ensure the greatest number of properly trained athletes are on the start line during the final Sunday in October. To that end, the MCM has two unique programs, distinguishing its commitment to the runners from other similar events.

"Things happen-injuries, business trips, and unforeseeable conflicts and the deferment and transfer policies allow runners to delay a year or give someone else the chance to run in their place," says MCM Race Director Rick Nealis. "The goal is to enable as many runners as possible the opportunity to be a part of the Marine Corps Marathon."

The MCM makes available to runners the option to defer their original registration to the next year's marathon. Deferring an entry guarantees a spot to re-register in the following year’s MCM by forgoing participation in that year’s marathon. Runners may defer the original registration only once for a fee of $60. The deferment program will open August 1 - 31.

After registering for the MCM, some runners ultimately decide they are unable to participate in a marathon. These runners may opt to transfer their entry to a non-registered runner through the event's unique Transfer Program. Only runners currently registered for the MCM may transfer an entry to another runner, for a fee of $40. The MCM does not participate in this part of the process. Runners often find transfer partners on the MCM Facebook pageThe transfer program will open June 11.

When transferring an entry, runners do not receive a refund on registration fees from the MCM. Any such monetary transactions must be handled directly between the transferring runners. Further, entries may not be transferred more than once. Additionally, the transfer program is ONLY available for the MCM and not any other MCM event.

Initiating a Transfer
The runner currently registered for the MCM must complete the online transferor request form. All data as originally entered into the initial registration must be submitted including the registration ID number. Within three days, the MCM will send an email to the transferring runner that includes a unique code, password and hyperlink to an online transfer registration form. It is the responsibility of the transferring runner to forward this information to the individual receiving the transfer.

Once submitted, the transfer cannot be cancelled. The new runner must complete the transferee form and pay a fee to finalize the transaction.

Completing the Transfer
Having received the unique code, password and hyperlink from the registered runner, the new runner must complete the registration form (access via hyperlink) and pay the transfer fee. To initiate this process, select the unique code from the drop down menu and enter the password. A confirmation of a successful transfer will be sent by The new runner must complete this registration form.

Please ensure spam filter is set to receive emails from and  An email will be sent detailing the Packet Pickup information prior to the MCM.

There are no transfer or deferment programs for the Historic Half or MCM10K.


Transfers are a great way to obtain access to the Marine Corps Marathon. Runners may also turn to the MCM Charity Partner organizations as a means to gain access to the event. Ideally, a charity's cause will resonate with individual runners and inspire them to affiliate with a given group. For others, when researching charity options, it is recommended to inquire about coaching or training services, MCM Weekend activities, fundraising goals and group runs before making a selection.


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