2015 MCM Event Schedule  
2015 TT Register Button    Saturday, November 21. The Turkey Trot 10K, for runners ages 8 and older, features a final calorie burning, waist-slimming opportunity before the holiday indulgence. The kids’ version offers a mad dash for runners ages 9 and under.

 HH 2016 Register Btn   Sunday, May 15, 2016. Run in friendly, fabulous and fun Fredericksburg, VA, situated halfway between the capital of the Commonwealth and the nation's capital. The 13.1 mile course features colonial sites, a quaint downtown and the intimidating Hospital Hill. On-demand registration for the Historic Half is now open. Register early for the lowest registration fee. As more runners commit, the entry fee increases.  
 Semper Five Registration Btn   Sunday, May 15, 2016. This all new, five mile event will be held in conjunction with the Historic Half. A point-to-point course from Fredericksburg's downtown, up Hospital Hill to a shared finish line within the retail hub of Central Park. Be part of the inaugural Semper Five. Register now.
2016 MCM Event Schedule 
Registration    Event 
Feb. 17, 2016    Marine Corps 17.75K on Apr. 2, 2016 
Now Open
  Marine Corps Historic Half on May 15, 2016 
Now Open
  Semper Five on May 15, 2016
Feb. 23, 2016    Run Amuck on Jun. 4, 2016
Feb. 23, 2016    Mini Run Amuck on Jun. 4, 2016 
Apr. 27, 2016    Quantico Tri on Aug. 20, 2016 
Apr. 27, 2016    Quantico 12K on Aug. 20, 2016 
Mar. 24-30, 2016    MCM Lottery for 41st MCM on Oct. 30, 2016
Apr. 27, 2016    MCM10K on Oct. 30, 2016
Apr. 27, 2016    Turkey Trot 10K on Nov. 19, 2016 
Apr. 27, 2016    Turkey Trot One Mile on Nov. 19, 2016 


Exp Date: 09/30/2017

AUTHORITY: 10 U.S.C. §5041; MCO P1700.27B; Marine Corps Marathon Charter, 27 March 2007. 

PURPOSE: Information is collected to register, acknowledge, and promote participation in Marine Corps Marathon race events.  The Marine Corps Marathon Office and its sponsors use information to plan, organize, coordinate, and execute events, including commemoration, publication or marketing, recognition and communication with participants and volunteers before, during, and after the event. 
ROUTINE USES: Any release of information contained in this system of records outside of DoD will be compatible with the purposes for which the information is collected and maintained. The DoD Blanket Routine uses may apply to this system of records.
DISCLOSURE: Providing information is voluntary; however, failure to complete the form will limit the Marine Corps Marathon organization’s ability to register runners and volunteers and to communicate with organizations or individuals outside of DoD and may adversely impact individuals from participation in Marine Corps Marathon events.  





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