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MCM Forward 2012Since 2006, MCM Forward has brought "The People's Marathon" to deployed runners in forward-operating locations around the globe. Over 1,600 military members from all service branches have participated in MCM Forward from air bases, embassy compounds and aboard U.S. Navy ships.

In October and early November of 2013, MCM Forward hosted more than 450 service members who completed the 26.2 marathon in the desert heat and sand throughout areas of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and Turkmenistan. All MCM Forward results are posted on the MCM results page of this website.

Cpl. Paul Peterson, a Marine Corps Combat Correspondent stationed at Regional Command Southwest in Afghanistan is a MCM Forward Finisher who talks about his experience running the 2013 event from the desert.

"The morning of the marathon was a typically chili November day in Afghanistan for us here at Camp Leatherneck," says Peterson. "Being a Marine, I showed up in our traditional green running clothes, which offer only a little bit of protection against the cold. Even so, the run itself was quite pleasant. We more than warmed up by mile eight.

I started near my commanding officer who later passed me around mile 17. Being my officer he road my heels for a while to push me along before finally passing me. It was a marathon, but the atmosphere here is much more about supporting each other than anything else. Some of the runners carried pictures of fallen comrades who were dear to them. Others chose to run in groups to make sure they finished together.

The gravel roads around the base were particularly challenging. After a few miles, you can really start to feel it through your shoes. Still, at every step of the way there seemed to people cheering us on or holding inspirational signs such as, 'Chuck Norris never ran a marathon.'

At mile eight, I was passed by a Marine running in boots. He actually took a few seconds to talk to me, complemented me on my pace and then pressed on toward the finish line. I honestly can say I have never been more pleased to see someone completely out class me on a run. Physical fitness is something we revere in the military. It is part of our job. But the marathon was a chance to break from our work for a little bit and just enjoy it.

More Marines waited at the finish line for us, where they held out finisher medals for us to grab as we ran past. I had wanted to run the Marine Corps Marathon for years, but always found myself doing one thing or another for my job. I'm glad my chance came here."

Corporal Peterson completed MCM Forward in 3:26. Watch MCM Forward footage!


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Marine Corps Historic Half Forward

For the first time since the Marine Corps Historic Half began in 2008, the event held on Sunday,May 20 under bright blue skies in Fredericksburg, VA was held simultaneously in the desert –as U.S. Marines, Sailors, Airmen, a National Guardsman and a few civilians ran Historic HalfForward from Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Thirty three Marines, Sailors and civilians formed the largest group of runners participating fromFOB Delaram II in Afghanistan.

Capt. Patrick Sullivan, a Marine Corps Intelligence officer from Gainesville, FL placed first overall in with a finishing time of 1:37:21. Hometown girl, Navy Lt. Rebecca Murphy of Fredericksburg, VA, finished first among women with a time of 1:48:51. Murphy is a Naval Flight Officer who says MCM Forward “was a great training opportunity for the upcoming MCM … plus it allowed us to build a bit of camaraderie among the runners and those aspiring torun on the FOB.”

Because of the desert heat, the runners stepped off on their 13.1 mile journey at 4:30 a.m.Afghanistan time. Sullivan and Murphy both say that the worst thing about running inAfghanistan is actually the rocks and the gravel, “it’s easy to twist an ankle,” says Sullivan.

Eleven members of the U.S. Air Force and one National Guardsman also ran Historic Half Forward from Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, while two Sailors participated in the event from a FOB in Kuwait.

“Historic Half Forward offers deployed military members the opportunity to train, exercise and experience the accomplishment of meeting a fitness goal while serving in remote areas overseas,” says Rick Nealis MCM Director.

Good Luck Historic Half Runners, from the Marines


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Year         Event
Winner                                 Time       Location         


Ben Lukowski



Results | Certificates
Capt. Patrick Sullivan
1:37:21 Camp Deleram



Capt. Frasier Alexander



Results | Certificates
MCM Doug Stevens
3:10:07 Iraq  


Capt. Alex Lockett



Certificate (Iraq)| Certificates
    Joseph Woodley


  Certificates (Iraq)
MCM       Results 
MCM Ray Garibol
2006 MCM
Ben Friedrick  3:06:03     

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