Learn more about being a spectacular spectator at the MCM. This presentation includes race day reminders and tips for a successful and enjoyable experience!

Available for the iPhone and Android platforms, the MCM App offers easy access to all essential MCM Weekend information including maps, schedules, transportation, photos, videos, weather forecast, runner tracking service, social media feeds and live results.  Other helpful MCM technology includes Bib QR Codes--scan the QR code on the front of the bib for real-time results; Map Track--using timing data, a runner's progress is represented by an icon moving along the MCM map.

Track a Runner
Relatives, friends and running buddies can follow a runner's progress from the 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K and finish-line split locations in real time. Only finish time data will be pushed out for MCM10K participants. Follow one or multiple runners by signing up to receive updates by text or email.

Spectators can see their runner in as many as five locations on the course. With many road closures, taking the Metro or riding your bike is the best way to get around.  Follow the plan below to optimize viewing potential and catch a runner in action!  Be sure to pick up a course map at the MCM Health & Fitness Expo by GE as will the information tents on race day.

Location #1:
Kick off the day by watching the opening ceremonies at the MCM Start Line on Route 110 in Arlington, Virginia. Access the area by bike or Metro’s blue/orange line at the Rosslyn or Pentagon Station.

Location #2: After the start, ride or take a leisurely stroll across the Arlington Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial in DC. Here you’ll be able to see runners at mile 11 and later, mile 16. While you wait, check out the World War II Memorial on the east side of the Reflecting Pool.  

Location #3: From the Lincoln Memorial, head east on Independence Avenue, past the Washington Monument to access the National Mall. Along with the world-famous Smithsonian museums, you’ll see runners at miles 18 and 19.

Location #4: Next, hop on the Metro via the Smithsonian station and head back into Virginia on the Blue or Yellow line to the Crystal City Station. If you're on a bike, you can take the 14th Street Bridge side path and the Mt Vernon Trail to Crystal City.  You’ll see all the race action at miles 22 and 23, plus engage in a variety of activities at Crystal Run, including live music, and plenty of family fun.

Spectator3Location #5: For the final leg of your journey, head over to the legendary Marine Corps War Memorial and the MCM Finish Line. Ride your bike or take Metro’s blue line to Rosslyn or the MCM shuttle from 23rd Street in Crystal City. The finish line offers bleacher seating to watch the final ascent and push to the finish. Plan to reunite with runners in the family link up area at the Finish Festival in Rosslyn.

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Tip #1: Respect the Course
Help runners have a successful race by staying clear of course boundaries. This means don't cross the course, stay on the curb or sidewalks as to not narrow the streets for runners, and most importantly, listen to law enforcement and Marines with regard to the best location to watch.

Tip #2: Timing Is Everything

You'll want to find out the projected pace per mile for your runner to aid in determining where and when they should reach certain points in the course. It could take a runner as much as 22 minutes to cross the start line, so timing should not be based on the start time. Adjust your projected viewing times following the first sighting of your runner. View the spectator pace calculator.

Tip #3: Getting Around by Metro
Metro is a great option to help you reach the far corners of the course quickly.  Be aware that a weekend wait for Metro could be up to 15 minutes.  Spectators should purchase a Metro One-Day Pass for an easier experience.  Metro will open at 5:00 a.m. on race day

Tip #4: Information

If you need medical information on a runner or just general information, visit the MCM Info tent in the Finish Festival on the Route 50 overpass in Rosslyn, or in Runners Village in the Pentagon North Parking lot.  The American Red Cross will have a medical information tent at the finish line.


Tip #5: Get Noticed
Help your runner pick you out of the crowd by painting a sign or banner and wearing brightly colored clothing. Its also crucial to know your marathoner's bib number and how they are dressed. It's an imperfect science trying to time the convergence of a runner and spectator. If you suspect you've missed each other, move to the next viewing location.

Tip #6: Use www.MarineMarathon.com

Use the MCM website to determine your runner's latest split times. If family or friends can't be present to chase after their runner, refer them to the website to keep tabs on progress.

Tip #7: Reunite with Runner

Plan to meet your runner in the Family Link Up area, part of the Finish Festival in Rosslyn. Choose the first letter of the runner's last name as the pre-planned location to reunite. The link-up areas are designated by 13-foot tall, yellow towers with letters of the alphabet prominently displayed.

The MCM website will host live results throughout the day at www.marinemarathon.com.

Bib QR Codes
Scan the QR code on the front of a runner's bib for results.

Map Track
Using real timing data, Map Track presented by GE charts a runner's progress by moving a runner-shaped icon along the MCM map. This visual tool is a great way to see how a runner or numerous runners compare to each other or fare against the leaders.

Finish Line Video
Comcast SportsNet's website (www.csnwashington.com) will host video footage of every runner crossing the finish line.  Video coverage will be posted beginning on the evening of the MCM.

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