Aid Station Locationsmedical

The safety of MCM Runners is of the utmost importance to the many Navy and Civilian medical personnel on the course, throughout the day.  Aid Stations will be located in the following areas:

  • AS 1: Intersection of M Street NW and Key Bridge in the Francis Scott Key park.
  • AS 2/3: Along Rock Creek Park north of the Massachusetts Ave.
  • AS 4/6: Independence Ave SW and Ohio Drive SW in West Potomac Park at the Ericksson Memorial.
  • AS 5: Ohio and Buckeye Drive SW underneath the I395 overpass (Case Bridge) on the Washington Channel side of East Potomac Park.
  • AS 7: East of the intersection of 14th Street NW and Madison Drive NW, in front of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
  • AS 8: Jefferson Drive SW and 12th Street SW at the Department of Agriculture.
  • AS 9/10: Fern Street Parking lot at Army/Navy Drive and S Eads Street.

  • Med A is located at the NE corner of the Marine near the Marine Corps War Memorial.
  • Med B is located near the walkway and Netherlands Carillion at the finish area.
  • Med C is located on the Route 50 circle with the American Red Cross Vehicle.
  • Med D is located at the intersection of Lynn and the 17th Street ramp prior to Wilson Blvd.
  • Med E is located near the Rosslyn Metro station in the Finish Festival.

MCM medical teams will have access to CoreControl powered by RTX, a noninvasive tool that manipulates core body temperature by accelerating the body's natural heat dissipation process.  Provided by Burns Computer Systems, this technology provides a revolutionary and novel way to manipulate core body temperature and accelerate the body's natural heat dissipation process.

Medical personnel will track runners and record medical data to ensure timely updates to families of runners being treated. This information will be available at the MCM Info tents. Visit the Main Info tent on N. Meade Street and Hwy 50 off ramp, near the Finish Festival.  The American Red Cross will also have a medical information tent at the finish.

Interactive Medical Map

American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross
The American Red Cross in the National Capital Region's Go-Teams function as a well-trained extension of our partners' health, medical and public safety capacity.  In support of Marine Corps Marathon they fulfill a number of critical roles including:

·Locating ill or injured runners or spectators in crowded areas of the Finish Festival and finish area and connecting those participants with medical resources, either by helping them to an Aid Station or by calling for additional support and assisting roving medical personnel or EMS with locating ill or injured participants in a crowd.

·Supporting law enforcement partners involved in family reunification

·Helping spread safety messages and other important information to runners and spectators in the Finish Festival.

Nihon Kohden AmericaNihon Kohden
Now more than ever, healthcare providers need creative partners who can help them meet both their clinical and business challenges. Partners with a new mindset, who think differently. Nihon Kohden is a healthcare company specializing in advanced diagnostic and patient monitoring solutions. We are experts in these technologies, and just as important, we're driving the integration at the clinical level across care areas. As a results, clinicians can access a higher level of information, enabling more accurate diagnoses and ultimately better outcomes. Nihon Kohden, Different Thinking for Better Healthcare.

The monitoring division of
Nihon Kohden America is empowering hospitals to radically improve their quality and economics of care. Its singular focus is on patient monitoring.  Through collaboration with hospitals, Nihon Kohden America helps solve today's healthcare challenges.  This different mindset and business approach enables the company to deliver solutions that have an immediate clinical and financial impact.  Nihon Kohden is the fastest-growing patient monitoring company in the U.S. because we offer the lowest cost of ownership and greatest value above any other monitoring solution, while improving quality of care.

ZOLL has been a trusted partner and leading supplier to the U.S. military in resuscitation and monitoring technology for more than 25 years. Our products include the Propaq® M, the standard in vital signs monitoring and the Propaq® MD, with an optional defibrillator. In addition to ruggedness and durability, the ZOLL Propaqs have significantly enhanced data communications, allowing you to capture patient care data from the point of injury through definitive care. Our new open data architecture is designed to support the military’s emerging telemedicine solutions, EHR systems, and custom reporting needs.

American Medical Athletic Association's Sports Medicine Symposium
Sports Medicine Symposium

American Medical Athletic Association's 24th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium at the Marine Corps Marathon. The 2015 symposium will be held on Friday, October 23, at the John T. Hazel Conference Center in the Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington. Attendees will spend a day listening to lectures, participating in workshops, attending a Grand Rounds/Keynote lecture, and spending time with colleagues during an onsite lunch and dinner hosted by the American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA). Category 1 credit hours will be awarded for lectures, workshops, and time spent volunteering for those providing care in medical tents on race day. AAFP Prescribed credit and NATA credit will also be awarded.

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