Finish Line

2013 MCM Finisher MedalAfter crossing the finish line at the Marine Corps War Memorial, beaming with pride, runners often wonder what happens next? At times, the finish line can be crowded with as many as 100 finishers per minute so its best to know what to expect. Marathon finishers will receive their finisher's medal from the men and women of the Marine Corps stationed directly behind the finish line.  Space blankets will be available at the finish upon request.

Immediately following the presentation of the medal, runners may have their finish photo taken in front of the Marine Corps War Memorial by MarathonFoto. There is no greater image to reflect the commitment and dedication required to finish a marathon than a runner proudly wearing the MCM finisher medal in front of the Marines hoisting the flag on Iwo Jima.

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The 2014 finish hospitality boxes will include peanut butter and whole wheat bread sticks, blueberry or mango Almond Pops, Graham Crackers, Dole fruit bowls, granola bar, honey roasted soy nuts and raisins.  Many of the items are gluten free.  Runners will also receive Turbana bananas, Aquafina bottled water and Gatorade.

Gatorade Recover Beverage is a protein and carbohydrate beverage formulated with the consistency of a thirst quencher. It has an effective amount of protein that contains essential amino acids needed to help support muscle rebuilding after training or racing. Gatorade Recover Beverage, which provides 16 grams of protein, should be consumed as soon as possible after exercise for maximum muscle benefit.

Additionally, each runner will be presented with a recovery jacket along with the hospitality items. The reusable, yet disposable jacket is made of fabric with cotton cuffs, a zippered front and hood. Water repellent, yet breathable, it is ideally suited for maintaining the core body temperature and protecting each runner from the elements.  Best of all, it features the battle cry of all triumphant MCM finishers--"Mission Accomplished."

Trubana_no tag lineKeep your eyes peeled for Turbana, the official banana sponsor and composting partner for the 3rd year in a row! We'll be all over, providing tons of goodness like Turbana Bananas to fuel you, composting bins for you to “recycle” your banana peels, and more! To stay powered by the peel before and after race day, look for us at your local grocery store. If you can’t find us, request Turbana bananas!


Runners, spectators and the local community are invited to the MCM Finish Festival, located in Rosslyn, VA. Here runners and families may reunite in the Family Link Up area, receive a post-race massage, pick up bags at the UPS trucks and enjoy other entertainment, food and sponsor-hosted activities.  Visit the Finish Festival page for more information.

Family Link Up PhotoRunners and their support crew should plan to meet in Family Link Up, part of the Finish Festival in Rosslyn, along Lynn Street. The MCM recommends choosing the first letter of the runner's last name as the pre-planned location to reunite. The link-up areas are designated by 13-foot tall, yellow towers with letters of the alphabet prominently displayed.


After enjoying the MCM's post-race hospitality, runners participating with a MCM Charity Partner may join their group's post-race celebration in either Charity Hill, located adjacent to the Netherlands Carillon on the Marine Corps War Memorial grounds overlooking the finish line, or Charity Street in downtown Rosslyn on Kent Street behind Artisphere and the UPS Baggage Pick up.

View the Charity Map
and Charity Village layout.

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