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Run Amuck course map arrowRun Amuck increases the number of course obstacles and reverse direction from the previous year's route to provide further excitement to a wild and challenging course. Prior to each wave start, Run Amuck runners can visit special stations to create their "game face" for event day. Don the cammie face paint to ready for wilderness exercises and put on a special unique Run Amuck tattoo--perfect for a motivated selfie.

Participants will begin Run Amuck and Mini Run Amuck just behind Quantico's U.S. Marine Memorial Chapel on Catlin Avenue and set off into the dense woods while immediately encountering a Marine PT station and a major mud pit, just before hitting a misting spot. The course then sends runners clambering up an incline steeper than the famous MCM finish requiring a rappel down the hill directly into another Marine PT station and the mad tire dash.

Runners then perform a belly crawl through pipes and bounce through the inflatable obstacle course. A new addition, the rope bridge, will further test participant core strength and balance.

Just before the halfway point, frenzied runners will leap into the log jam, ascend the A-Frame, and meet the second mud pit. Runners will relay ammo cans and then complete an ammo can lift similar to that Marines encounter during their annual combat fitness test.

After a quick water break, it's back to more tires and a Marine PT station before bounding over hay bales and the second A-frame. Another tunnel crawl leads to the monster mud pit. Participants must master gust crunches and a set of monkey bars before passing through a rain storm, courtesy of the Quantico Fire 

Department. The final stretch of Run Amuck brings a quick barrage of balance logs, push-ups, hanging obstacles and the spider web. 

Exhausted, messy, Run Amuck finishers will be congratulated with a limited-edition Run Amuck towel. Those ages 21 and over will have earned a cold brew courtesy of Mic Ultra, to be enjoyed while listening to live music from local rock band "Bruiser."

Run Amuck and Mini Run Amuck begin at 7:00 a.m. with waves starting hourly through 11:00 a.m. Participants will select a preferred starting wave during Packet Pick-up. Those attempting to run as a group may opt to move to a later wave to join friends. Runners may not join an earlier wave. Within each wave, Run Amuck will launch participants in a continuous manner, sending them to the first challenge, an inflatable obstacle course. Mini Run Amuck participants will be detoured from the longer course to follow the two-mile route.

Waves are designated by colors that correspond to the artwork on each bib. The colored background on Run Amuck bibs and the colored numbers on Mini Run Amuck bibs indicate the runner's wave starting time.

7:00 a.m.  Red
8:00 a.m.  Orange
9:00 a.m.  Blue
10:00 a.m. Green
11:00 a.m.


Amuck 2012 Obstacles


Please refrain from having bicycles or horses on the trails during the Run Amuck event.


  • From 1-95 South take Exit 148. Turn Left on Russell Road. Proceed 1 mile to gate. Continue 2.5 miles to parking and event area.
  • From 1-95 North take Exit 148. Turn Right on Russell Road. Proceed 3/4 mile to gate. Continue 2.5 miles to parking and event area.

Lejeune Parking Lot - Follow Traffic Circle around (Road becomes Barnett Avenue. Turn left at stop light on Catlin Avenue.

MCCS Semper Fit Headquarters - Follow Traffic Circle around and turn left at stop light on Catlin Avenue.

Newlin Hall - Follow Traffic Circle around and turn left on Catlin Avenue at the stoplight. Entrance on the left.

Naval Health Clinic Quantico - Follow Traffic Circle around and turn left on Catlin Avenue at the stoplight. Entrance on the left.

Gravel Lot - Follow Traffic Circle around and turn left on Catlin Avenue at the stoplight. Entrance on the on the right off Anderson Avenue.

Extended Parking - Continue past Clubs of Quantico, through traffic circle. Right at stoplight, right into Facilities Maintenance parking.

Extended Parking - Continue past Clubs at Quantico, take Dunlap. Right on Thombs. Turn right on Roans Street. Follow Street, turn Right on Ruhl Street.

Walk to end of street through Club parking lot and across Russell Road to event info and baggage area.

Clubs of Quantico - On the right just before the traffic circle.

Please do not park in the Crossroads Inn Parking lot.

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