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Run Amuck challenges participants to a thick and slick 3.6 mile, obstacle-filled course beginning at 8:00 a.m.  A scaled 1.5 mile version of the course called Mini Run Amuck is available for younger runners and their parents or those seeking the most mud for the least mileage.  Run Amuck starts on the parade ground in front of storied Lejeune Hall aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico.  Please note this is a new location.  The course features three new challenges, 20 total obstacles and three PT stations.

2013 Run Amuck Map ButtonPlease note that due to the varied terrain and type of obstacles, this event is unavailable to wheelchair athletes.  This is an untimed event and no awards will be presented.  All finishers will receive a souvenir towel and a commemorative Run Amuck coin provided by Warrior Chip.



The event will begin at 8:00 a.m. with morning colors.  Participants will receive one of three color bibs that will indicate wave start time.  Please note bib colors and corresponding start times.  Those participating as a group may opt to move to a later wave to join friends.  Runners may not join an earlier wave.  Within each wave, Run Amuck will launch continuously sending participants out into eight lanes onto the first challenge, an inflatable obstacle course.  Mini Run Amuck begins at 7:00 a.m.

2013 Run Amuck Waves

Run Amuck participants will be greeted by an inflatable obstacle course at the outset of their journey.  After a .5 mile run on the Quantico roads toward Butler Stadium, participants will careen down the hillside into the stadium bowl on a 30 foot Foam Slide.  After running down the access road, participants will scale the stairs before rinsing the foam from their bodies under the misting stations.  Next challenge is to traverse the football-style tire drill above Butler Stadium.  Back into the stadium bowl by rappelling down the Stadium hillside and back up the steep stairs on the other side.  A left turn on John Quick Road brings runners to the Quantico Fire Engine to spray and soak the runners.  Run Amuck then goes into off-road adventure mode with the up-and-over challenge, the wooden A-Frame, before hurdling rows of hay bales.  Next up is flutter kicks, the first of three PT stations.  Once back on their feet, participants encounter a second tire drill, followed by a pipe crawl.  All this in the first half of the event!

Once past the first water point, participants begin the grueling trek over Firebreak Trail before scaling a dirt mound with the first mud pit lurking on the other side.  The hard corps challenge continues through Stadium Trail where runners will become entangled in a Spider Web, complete jumping jacks and slosh through ankle-deep mud carrying military ammo cans.  Them, Run Amuckers arrive at another new twisted challenge in the form of playground favorite, gone military style - the Monkey Bars.  The reward for completing this challenge, a second mud pit followed by a climb uphill.  A left on McCard Road brings push-ups and yet another new obstacle, a hanging hippity-hop maze.  The final messy, murky mud pit stands as the last obstacle on the course.  After sloshing through this one last  challenge, runners will finish behind LeJeune Hall in the overflow parking area.  Whew.  Take a deep breath.  Exhausted just reading that description.

Amuck 2012 Obstacles


Please refrain from having bicycles or horses on the trails during the Run Amuck event.

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