Hosted at The Clubs at Quantico aboard the Marine Corps Base, the Quantico Tri is sure to bring fast times and fun to all who participate. Located in the heart of the base, this event features a 400 meter outdoor pool swim followed by a swift 9 mile ride circling Lejeune Hall, the leadership center of the Marine Corps Base. Once athletes are finished with the bike course, they will run a scenic 5K which offers a 3.1 mile run through Quantico history. 

Tri Map ButtonThe Quantico Tri is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event.  All runners will receive a technical tshirt, towel and chip strap. Registered athletes will be required to reconfirm 400-meter swim times in July to ensure accuracy, as this information will aid in determining the individual start times.  It is in the best interest of participants to submit a time as accurate as possible. Submitting a time that is too fast puts participants with swimmers who will be passing them during the swim; a time that is too slow places participants with slower swimmers and forces them to have to pass others. The ideal scenario for all participants is to have participants submit accurate times - the whole swim flows better.  Please do not submit an "all-out effort" time. The time that should be submitted is a 400 meter swim.

Packet Pick-up will be held on Saturday, August 23 at the Clubs at Quantico (3017 Russell Road, Quantico, VA) from noon to 7:00 p.m.  Only bibs will be distributed at this time.  Timing chips will be provided on event morning beginning at 5:30 a.m.  A participants meeting will be held from 7:00-8:00 p.m. on Saturday evening with an abbreviated session  on Sunday morning from 6:00-6:30 a.m. to review instructions, tour transition areas, and answer questions.

For athletes new to the sport, please read USAT's most commonly violated rules to avoid penalty at the Quantico Tri.

View the Quantico Tri Info Sheet

View athlete swim start times

Transition Area

Triathletes may enter the transition area on event morning. All bikes must be racked by 6:30 a.m. before the start of the first swim wave. Bike racks are numbered and triathletes must put their bicycles and gear in their designated bicycle location. 

Each bike rack can hold six bikes. As such, each athlete’s space is approximately 3 feet wide and 3 feet long. Once a bike is in place the remaining space is approximately the same size as a standard bath towel.

After racking a bike, proceed to the body marking areas located near the transition area.

Triathletes must be marked at least 1/2 hour before the race.

View a map of the transition area.

1. Bike storage will NOT be provided the night before the event.
2. Glass containers are NOT allowed in the transition area.
3. Only triathletes and transition workers are allowed in the transition area. Please advise family and friends to remain outside of the transition area.
4. Rack bikes on race morning on the rack that corresponds to assigned bib number.
5. Participants will NOT be allowed to mount their bikes in the tranisition area and will be required to dismount at the designated spot outside the transition area.
6. Triathletes must show their race number to remove their bicycle and gear from the transition area after the race.

Race Flow
1. Swim -
When triathletes finish the swim portion of the race, they will enter the transition area and proceed to their designated bicycle rack. Each triathlete’s swim time will end when they cross the timing mat located near the swim exit.

View athlete swim start times

2. Bike - Bikes may NOT be ridden in the transition area. It is important to use extreme caution when departing the transition area, it may be very congested! All athletes must put on their helmet and snap the strap before mounting their bike. The helmet must remain on and buckled until the triathlete dismounts and racks their bike. Not following the helmet rules may result in a disqualification (DQ). Bike times will start when triathletes depart the transition area through the 'Bike Out' chute and end when they re-enter the transition area through the 'Bike In' chute. Once the bike portion is completed, triathletes will return their bike to their designated spot in the transition area.

3. Run - Triathletes depart the transition area by exiting through the 'Run Out' chute. Triathletes run time will begin when they depart the transition area at 'Run Out' and end when they cross the finish line.

Race Number & Body Marking
The race number received at packet pickup will include three tags, all stapled together. The smallest number is the helmet number, the middle sized number is a run number, and the long piece is the number for a bicycle. Athletes will also receive body marking on race morning.

Race Number

The helmet number is the small sticker on the front of the race number. Peel the sticker off of its protective paper and place it on the front of helmet. Placing the number on the side of the helmet will make it harder for the USAT Officials, photographers, volunteers and race staff to identify participants.

The bike number is the largest piece of paper and is located in the back of race number packet. The number is upside down at one end and right side up at the other. The reason for this print orientation is so that when the number is folded over the top tube of the bike, the race number can be read easily from either side. There are two adhesive strips on the backside of the bike number. Peel the protective paper off the adhesive strips and then place the number on the top tube of the bike.

The run number is the middle sized paper in race packet. Wear this number on the run course. This number MUST be on the front of the participant. Not having the run number on the front may result in a time penalty.  Safety pins will be provided at packet pick-up.

Body Marking

On race morning after affixing assigned race number to helmet, bike, and shirt/race belt, athletes will be body marked. The body marking station is located near the entrance to the Transition Area at the race site. Bring the run number to ensure that the person body marking is writing the correct number. 

Triathletes will be body marked with their assigned race number on both the upper right and upper left arms, as well as on both the right and left thigh.

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