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The Marine Corps 17.75K begins at 7 a.m. adjacent to Montclair Tabernacle Church, located on Dumfries Road/Route 234 off exit 152B, in Prince William County, VA. The course is comprised of 50% gravel, 50% paved roadway through the park, the 17.75K posts a challenge to participants traversing Prince William Forest Park's winding turns, gravel paths and rolling hills within the densely populated forest. The 17.75K course will tour beautiful campgrounds, fragrant woods and trickling streams that have hosted generations of campers, hikers, bikers and nature lovers for nearly 80 years.

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The Marine Corps 17.75K course begins just outside the church as runners head north (in one southbound lane and paved shoulder) before quickly turning left onto the gravel pathway of Pleasant Road entering Prince William Forest Park. The lollipop course begins with approximately two miles of gravel terrain beginning on Pleasant Road and turning right onto Burma Road. Runners then cross over Scenic Drive and travel downward on Taylor Farm Road and turn left onto Old Black Top Road (both roads are gravel). Runners then turn right onto Scenic Drive, traveling clockwise. At about Mile 9 of the course, runners will make a left turn back onto Burma Road, heading toward the finish. New to the course this year, runners will complete a short out-and-back portion just before turning back onto Pleasant Road. Once on Pleasant Road, runners will head straight ahead until the final right turn, where they will exit Prince William Forest Park and follow the bicycle path to the 17.75K finish!

Helpful Tips:

  • Nearly the first four miles and the final two miles of the course is on gravel terrain.
  • Once arriving on Scenic Drive, look out for Mile 4-5; this will be the steepest climb- save your energy and beat that hill.
  • Just after Mile 10, and before Pleasant Road, there is a short out-and-back on the course. 

Three medical aid stations will be located along the 17.75K course and in the finish area, located outside Montclair Tabernacle Church for runners after the event. Aid stations along the course are located at approximately Miles 2, 5.5 and 9. There also will be five water points located along the 17.75K course.

Runners may participate in the Marine Corps 17.75K with hydration packs.  All runner and spectator bags brought to the event site will be subject to search.

Marine Corps 17.75K runners will enjoy music in three areas of Prince William Forest Park. Music will also be played at the start and finish with the Quantico Ceremonial Platoon “Presenting Colors” at the start. 

Friends and family members are welcome and encouraged to cheer their runner. The best location to do this is from the 17.75K start and finish locations adjacent to the Montclair Tabernacle Church. Those who want to view their runner from inside Prince William Forest Park can walk into the park from the Pleasant Road entrance, where runners initially enter the park.

Pre-event shuttles are free of charge and accessible to runners and spectators from the parking lot locations below. On event morning the shuttles will operate between 5:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m, but runners are asked to arrive no later than 6:15 a.m. 

These shuttle lots are:

  • Route 234 Commuter Lot - Jefferson Davis Hwy/US Route 1 & Dumfries Rd/Route 234 
  • Quantico Center - Building #3800 & #3850, Fettler Park Dr. Dumfries, VA 
  • Edward Kelly Leadership Center – Route 234 & Bristow Road (14715 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA)


Post-event shuttles are available to runners and spectators beginning at 8:30 a.m. Shuttles will depart from the 17.75K finish area and return to the designated parking lots. Each shuttle bus will be labeled with the designated parking lot destination. 

Carpooling is strongly encouraged to ensure all participants can obtain parking at one of the three lots. Other non-shuttle parking options are available in the area including Fortuna Center Plaza, Ashland Square Shopping Center and the Montclair Commuter Lot, each located off Route 234.


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