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The 6.2 mile journey begins at 7 a.m.in Fredericksburg’s Fall Hill neighborhood district, located at the intersection of Fall Hill and Virginia Avenues. As the Historic 10K departs Fall Hill, runners will travel onto the picturesque Prince Edward Street, lined with stately homes and magnificent porches. The Historic 10K course then turnsleft onto William Street, deviating from the half marathon route taking 10K runners into historic downtown. After a left turn onto Caroline Street, the 10K rejoins the Historic Half marathon course steering runners into the heart of the City’s antique district adorned with historical buildings, museums and many specialized antique shops.

Historic 10K MapHistoric 10K runners then travel along Amelia Street, turning right and running against the traffic pattern. Runners then turn left onto Sophia Street passing the back of the impressive Central Rappahannock Regional Library and following Sophia around the curve as the road becomes Pitt Street. Runners turn right again onto Caroline Street travelling parallel to scenic Old Mill Park and continue along Mile 3 of the 10K course as Caroline becomes Riverside Drive where they catch a stunning view of the Rappahannock River rapids. At the end of Riverside Drive, runners turn left into the Fall Hill Avenue neighborhood and then turn right onto Route 1, heading south and remaining with the traffic pattern as they traverse the course along Mile 4.

From Route 1, runners turn right onto Mary Washington Boulevard traveling along the road as it turns left presenting runners with the vigorous challenge of Hospital Hill. At the top of Hospital Hill, runners meet the beginning of Mile 5 while turning right onto Care Way Drive toward the traffic circle. They continue right at Hospital Drive, remaining with the traffic pattern.

The Historic 10K course then turns right onto Cowan Boulevard, running over the Route 95 expressway and to the completion of Mile 5 where they pass under the incredible aerial display of the American flag, guiding them into Central Park. Historic 10K runners then turn right onto Carl D. Silver Parkway with spectators cheering them across Fall Hill Avenue, and continue to run the final portion of the course to the Historic 10K finish!

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