Miss MCM Registration

Registration Closed. Now What?

The date was marked on your work, home, Cozi, Facebook, Google and every other calendar you can imagine. With adrenaline rushing, fingers at the ready and credit card numbers memorized, runners were poised to make their move on Wednesday, March 27 to register for the Marine Corps Marathon. Everyone expected a quick sellout of available entries, and that’s just what happened. So what now? What happens to those runners who missed the opportunity to register during open registration? How does the MCM answer all those runners who ask, “Can I still get in?”

Two distinct opportunities exist to get motivated marathoners into this year’s sold out running of “The People’s Marathon”; the MCM Charity Partner Program and MCM Transfer Program. These access avenues are the only official ways into the Marathon once rolling registration is complete.

The Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment are represented by more than 125 charity partners. Charity partners have a limited quantity of entries for causes ranging from health issues like cancer and multiple sclerosis to military support like Semper Fi Fund and Hope for the Warriors. Runners may also choose child and animal causes like Smile Train and the Humane Society. Fundraising amounts, training programs, weekend activities and incentives differ per charity. Uncover this important information by linking to a specific charity from the MCM charity web page.

"I first got involved with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team in Training program because a colleague and good friend encouraged me to do so. His wife had been diagnosed with a very serious form of blood cancer," stated Glenn Davidson of Arlington, VA. "I have long understood that LLS research has significantly improved the survival rate of those afflicted with blood cancers. But what I came to realize, upon doing my homework, is that LLS research results have helped treat other types of cancer. As a cancer survivor myself and both the son and grandson of others who died of cancer, that fact was huge to me."

“Doing an extreme athletic event has always been on my bucket list,” continued Davidson.

“LLS Team in Training has had proven success for readying people for these types of events. I entrusted to them my body to do something I never thought I could do at age 56.”

Registration with MCM Charity Partners will begin April 3 and can remain active as late as August.

“There is a parallel between the marathon experience and what the cancer patients go through,” according to Bonni Brooks, National Manager for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training, Inc. “Participants train with courage, focus and discipline. It’s those same qualities that get them [the cancer patients] through treatment. You put that discipline into patients, participants, and what the marathon stands for and that’s extremely powerful.”

The unique MCM Transfer Program also represents a great option for access into the MCM.

Runners who have registered for the MCM are sometimes unable to complete their plan due to injury or other circumstance. These runners are able to transfer their bib to an unregistered runner.

The registered runner completes an online transfer application available on the MCM website, (www.marinemarathon.com), initiating the transfer process. Once the registered runner completes the application, a one-time user code will be sent. The registered runner then passes this code onto a new runner looking for a bib.

“I did not know the woman I transferred my bib to last year,” acknowledged Elizabeth Witte of Concord NC. “The process was so easy. I posted my information on Facebook and messaged a few people. She was the only one who really followed through.”

Diana Christadore of Baltimore was the lucky runner to receive that transfer.

“Everything was laid out step-by-step,” explained Diana. “It didn’t feel like a process or a last resort. It was just another way to register.”

The new runner then registers using the code at marinemarathon.com. A $30 fee is charged as part of this registration process. Please note that currently registered runners are likely to request reimbursement of their initial registration fee as part of the transfer. Any exchange of funds other than the $30 transfer fee is not governed by the MCM. The Transfer Program begins June 5. All newly registered runners must complete the registration process by August 30.

New runners are able to linkup with registered runners in many ways, the best being the official Marine Corps Marathon Facebook page. Runners may also access the MCM message board via marinemarathon.com.

“The MCM mission is to promote community goodwill,” avowed Rick Nealis, MCM Director. “By partnering with so many amazing charities and offering a valuable transfer program, runners still have several ways to register for ‘The People’s Marathon.’”

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