Lucky Foot

Lucky You!  Lucky Foot Will Be On Hand at the Irish Sprint 10K
Owner Jeff Van Horn Provides Tips and Tricks for Running in Prince William Forest Park

Running shoe store Lucky Foot has partnered with the MCM Event Series and will be available to runners at the Irish Sprint 10K on March 17, 2012. A new business venture, Lucky Foot changes the face of running stores by offering mobile services at races as well as conducting special video gait analyses to assist runners with improving form.

“We’re a running shoe store with a different outlook on what a running shoe store should be,” says Lucky Foot, LLC owner Jeff Van Horn. “We think outside the box by creating mobility, versatility and a presence at events.”

Lucky FootLucky Foot is headquartered in Midlothian, VA but will bring a trailer and team of experts to area running events. They will perform onsite video gait analysis services by utilizing a specially-created Apple iPad application that records runners’ motion from all angles. The full-body video allows staff members to dissect each plane and look at runners’ bilateral symmetry and how it relates to form. The Lucky Foot team then makes observations and provides advice to runners on how to adjust for better health and performance.

“With the video, we can provide immediate feedback to runners,” says Van Horn.

With a BAA in sports medicine and exercise science, Van Horn knows better than most how important proper form is to running. The Irish Sprint 10K course features varying terrain throughout Prince William Forest Park and Van Horn offers the following advice:

  • Pay close attention visually when running on trails. Loose gravel, ruts and rocks heighten the importance of visual acuity on the course.
  • Shorten strides on trails and keep feet under your center of gravity to avoid slipping.
  • When running uphill, lean forward, work your arms and shorten stride even more. Shuttle step downhill if you are unsure of your footing. Only open up if you are confident.
  • On the transitions from trails to roads, take a moment to adapt. Do not immediately speed up the pace.
  • Consider your footwear for the race. Trail shoes are built specifically for the trail with a heavier weight and tend to be too rigid for road running. Road shoes, however, still perform well on trails and are recommended for the mixed-terrain course.

Irish Sprint 10K finishers will receive a Golden Ticket with guaranteed entry into the 2012 MCM.  For most, the Irish Sprint will herald the beginning of training for the MCM on October 28. Van Horn says that the key to successfully completing a marathon training cycle is to tailor the program to suit personal needs.

“In preparation, don’t be too rigid in the training program. It’s designed to be flexible,” he says. “If your body needs a break, take it. It’s supposed to be fun. If it’s not fun, you’re increasing your risk of injury.”

Van Horn and Lucky Foot will be in the finish hospitality area at the Irish Sprint 10K.


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