Get the Dirt

Get ready to be mired in a murky mess!  Run Amuck introduces three new challenges including a throwback to classic playgrounds and muddier mud.

Amuck1Hosted aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico on June 8, runners will be released onto the 3.6 mile course in three waves based on bib color.  The first wave consisting of green bibs 1-999 will start beginning at 8:00 a.m.  Blue bibs ranging from 1000-1999 will begin at 8:40 a.m. while yellow bibs 2000-3000 will signify the 9:20 a.m. start.  Mini Run Amuck participants will wear purple bibs and begin at 10:00 a.m.  Runners from each wave will be released continuously in small groups. Runners may always move back to a later wave to accompany friends on the course.

The first hurdle is packet pick-up.  Runners are required to pick up packets prior to participating. VA Runner located at 14210 Smoketown Road in Woodbridge will host packet pick-up Wednesday, June 5 from 10 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  Runners wishing to wait until Thursday or Friday to pickup packets will visit the Marine Corps Marathon World HQ, located at 3399 Russell Rd aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, between 7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  There is no event day pick up.

Amuck2The mega-popular event will host 4,000 participants on a new start line adjacent to Lejeune Hall, located in the center of the Base.  The first challenge will be an inflatable obstacle course. Runners will be released along eight lanes as the prior lane occupant exits the 40-foot inflatable challenge.

After nearly half a mile, things get messy.  Runners will be treated to a 30-foot foam slide into historic Butler Stadium.  Similar to a slip-and-slide, this new challenge will cover runners in bubbles as they descend into the stadium.

Next it’s up the stairs and through a classic football agility test, the tire drill.  Be careful to watch foot placement while traversing through this ornery obstacle.

What goes up must come down, and in the case of Run Amuck back up again.  Runners will rappel down into Butler Stadium before tackling a second set of stairs back onto the street where a popular, familiar obstacle stands guard above the Stadium.

The Quantico Fire Department will drench runners under a deluge of dew before they head into the off-road portion of the event.  The first obstacle in the woods is an up-and-over A-Frame challenge, quickly followed by a hurdle over hay bales.

Next is the first PT station of the course, 10 flutter kicks.  Use those keyed up abdominal muscles to maintain good balance while tackling a second tire drill before slinking through shadowy tubes. Amuck3

Halfway through the course, runners will encounter the first water point and aid station before tackling a mountain, hiking over a berm, and sloshing through the first muddy pit.

“We’ve added some magic to the mud this year,” offers MCM Race Director Rick Nealis.  “The new mud pits are messier and grimier for runners to enjoy.  The mud will become a badge of honor.”

The slick and slimy mud should aid runners in sliding through the spider web challenge before slinging it off at the second PT challenge, jumping jacks.

Fear not, runners won’t stay clean for long!  A trek through ankle-deep mud while carrying ammo cans ensures the mess continues.  A third addition to the 2013 course gives those ankles a rest and stretches the arms.  A playground favorite, the monkey bars, tests runners’ upper body strength as they head toward the second messy mud pit.

After clambering through the thick mud of mud pit two, runners scramble up a cargo net before heading back to a brief run on paved road where they will push out 10 push-ups and wrangle through wrecking balls.

Once again into the woods, runners hit the third and final mud challenge before crossing the finish line and receiving a towel and Warrior Chip finisher coin.

Once in the finish area, runners will be able to shower off and change before heading home to register for the Crossroads 4-miler.

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