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Everyone who steps to the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) start line has shared at least one common experience prior to event day that of dealing with the nerves, uncertainty and adrenaline rush of MCM registration. While the event employed a lottery format this year rather than a mad rush through a lightning fast registration, a select group of seasoned MCM-veterans confidently sat out the Lottery biding their time until the gates of access swung wide open.  For these individuals and the many others who seek entrance to this elite club, five MCM finishes offers the guarantee of MCM access for life.  What would you do to claim this prize?  One runner demonstrated nothing, not even injury would bar her from membership.

“My first MCM was 2007, it was also my first marathon and the best,” said Kevyn Trammell, a schoolteacher in Pearlind, TX. “I knew then that I wanted to run it every year and being in the Runners Club would guarantee that.”

After missing a year for homecoming and, later, another due to foot surgery, Trammell registered for the 2013 MCM with a group of her friends, the “Get a Straw, Suck it Up” team and planned to run alongside her brother-in-law, a U.S. Army Major stationed at Ft Meade.  Her father, brother, and sister, all U.S.Marines, would travel with her to the event.

Trammell, an avid runner, aquatics instructor, and Group X instructor at her local YMCA, tore a ligament in her leg while training for the 2013 event.  Just one month before the MCM, her doctor cleared her to compete in the event cautioning her to “be careful.”  Trammell completed a few more runs before heading confidently to the MCM.

That morning, Trammell and her support crew parked at Joint Base Myer-Henderson hall and walked toward the start line.

“My nephew asked how long it would take me to finish,”Trammell said.  "I told him 4-4.5hours.  He asked me ‘how about three?’”

As the start pistol fired, Trammell started out at a sub-nine minute pace but, at mile 4, recognized the need to slow down because of her previous injury.

“Right at mile eight, I was watching the girl’s feet in front of me for where she was stepping and I stepped wrong,” she continued.  “I thought, ‘Oh that hurts!’  I started crying because people were passing me.”

Trammell had broken her ankle.

“The Marines were so supportive. They are the best part of MCM,” Trammell said.  “One of the Marines asked me, ‘Ma’am, are you ok?’  I told him, ‘I think I broke my ankle.’”

Trammell says she hobbled onward, refusing to follow the Marines suggestions to stop.  She continued to the aid station at mile 9 and asked the Navy staff to tape her ankle and, again, ignored suggestions to stop.

At mile 17, Trammell received a call from her sister, who insisted she get picked up along the National Mall.    

“I thought, just let me get to the bridge,” Trammell said.  She did and wouldn’t stop again until reaching the Marine Corps War Memorial with a six hour finish time.
"I could barely walk up the hill at the finish, but having a Marine put your medal on is the best feeling,” she said.  “I was super proud of myself. My nephew,however, was not impressed.”

Trammell made a doctor’s appointment for the next day.  She was put in boot and cast and flew back to Texas the next night.  The fitness enthusiast with a Degree in Exercise Sports Science from University of Mary Hardin Baylor would not be kept down.            

“My Dad is a Marine,” she said.  “He always said if the bone is not showing you’re fine and that if you start something you need to finish it.  I taught a group X class in a boot the next day. I love my Marine Corps father,”

Trammell finalized her status as a Runners Club member and plans to join the other club members registering for the 39th MCM during their exclusive window that began at the beginning of April.

“This is an event I make sure I do every year,” Trammel said.  “I do love the MCM.”

Runners do not need to complete five consecutive MCMs to enter the Runners Club, any five successful finishes count toward membership.  Eligible participants may apply for membership from October through February annually at  Depending on the time of year an application is submitted, a runner may not be eligible to receive an entry until the following year.  All Runners Club members must still complete and pay the registration fee.

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