Going Green

Eco MCM MCM Earns Green Certification for Curtailing Environmental Impact

2011 CRS

It is strategic goal of the MCM to incorporate sustainability throughout the entire organization of the marathon. With long-range planning and coordination operationally, logistically and through marketing and promotional efforts, the MCM has been able to reduce its impact on the environment.

The MCM has partnered with Leave No Trace to encourage behavior with minimal impact on the National Parks comprising the MCM course. A set of principles were established by the MCM to guide runners at this event and others to be mindful of the environment. Leave No Trace at the MCM!

Stash the Trash – Can It
The 39th Marine Corps Marathon is enacting a comprehensive trash and recycling effort throughout MCM Weekend from Thursday, Oct. 23 to Marathon day, on Sunday, Oct. 26 by partnering with the U.S. Park Service on a campaign to prevent littering. As 60 percent of the MCM course is located on National Park land, MCM participants and spectators will be asked to “Stash the Trash” and “Can It” throughout the event.

In addition to trash and recycling receptacles being available throughout the start and finish and along public viewing areas, the MCM and National Park will continually remind participants to run responsibly and discard trash. Large “Stash the Trash” banners will appear above the MCM course on Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway and also above Ohio Drive sending a clear message to runners.

Adopt A Mile
The MCM is recruiting a few good groups for the new ‘Adopt-a-Mile’ program. This volunteer responsibility invites qualified groups to assist clean-up efforts along the Marathon course. Groups are invited to assist clean-up efforts by providing a minimum of 18 volunteers (minimum age of 10) to clean the grass and roadways of runner-discarded debris along an assigned mile of the MCM course.

Each group participating in the Adopt-a-Mile program is receiving a monetary stipend for their support of the runners and U.S. Marines.

MCM Headquarters Hotel
Staying at the headquarters hotel? The Hyatt Regency Washington on Capital Hill is one of only two "Green Seal Approved" hotels in Washington, DC with a host of programs to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Hargrove, show designer for the MCM Health & Fitness Expo by GE, also operates with a variety of eco-oriented programs.

Take Metro MCM Weekend
The simple act of taking public transportation instead of driving a vehicle can reduce hundreds of tons of CO2 emissions. Get around town during the MCM Weekend by taking Metro. The DC Armory, home of the Health and Fitness Expo by GE, is

convenient to the Metro’s blue line. On event morning, the blue and yellow lines to the Pentagon Station offer the easiest access to MCM baggage drop-off and the start area. The Smithsonian is the recommended stop for the MCM10K.

MCM Finish
“The People’s Marathon” is also making taking environmental awareness to the MCM Finish. In partnership with Turbana, the MCM will introduce composting receptacles in the MCM Finish Festival located in Rosslyn, VA. Additionally, the MCM will again present finishers with a reusable recovery jacket, greatly reducing the amount of trash previously generated by mylar wraps.

The MCM makes every effort to reuse banners from year- to-year reducing the waste and saving the energy needed to produce more. Additionally, priorLife, producers of the MCM finish line banners, reconfigure the non-reusable signage into new products including tote bags.

Arlington County will have two Water Stations set up in the Finish Festival on Marathon day on the corners of Meade Street and Arlington Blvd. and Fort Myer Drive and Wilson Blvd. making it convenient for runners to refill water bottles. Be sure to look for the ClearStream recycling containers placed throughout the Finish Festival in Rosslyn to recycle Aquafina and Gatorade bottles from the finish line!

The MCM encourages running groups and individual runners to pick up trash along their routes when they see it. Every little bit helps! Take photos and e-mail them to the MCM!


Coordination Results in Success!
In 2013, an aggressive recycling effort supported by the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) and Arlington County's Department of Environmental Services in areas along the course in Arlington and at the Finish Festival led to the collection of 3.2 tons of recycling materials, the largest haul in the three years of this program. Additionally, clothing shed by runners on the streets of Rosslyn was provided to local shelters. The MCM is working with the Rosslyn BID to continue these recycling efforts during the 39th MCM.



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